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Who is Tennessee Cop Maegan Hall and What Scandal Did She Create?

Tennessee Cop Maegan Hall

Tennessee Cop Maegan Hall

Maegan Hall has spoken out to explain her side of the story after being fired for alleged s*xual misconduct with coworkers. La Vergne mayor Jason Cole reportedly launched an investigation into the possible scandal on December 12, 2022 after learning of the allegations. Cole contacted HR Director Andrew Patton and asked him to look into the matter.

As news of the married police officer spreads, many are curious: who is Maegan Hall? Read here for all the exact information regarding it.

Who Exactly is this Megan Hall?

Megan Hall is formerly an officer with the La Vergne Police Department. Hall spent her formative years in a small town in rural Tennessee before beginning her career in law enforcement. According to the Facebook page for the La Vergne Police Department, she received a Community Service Award in August of 2022.

Tennessee Cop Maegan Hall

Maegan is married to Jedidiah, a former state park ranger and pastor’s son. According to the reports, they met in college and tied the knot in November 2018. In 2022, the couple made their first major housing investment as a married couple purchasing a home for their growing family.

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What is the Latest News of  Maegan Hall Related to Co-Workers?

Officer Maegan Hall of the La Vergne Police Department was terminated after allegations surfaced that she had shared private photos had s*xual relationships with multiple coworkers and had performed s*xual acts on two officers while on duty, according to an internal investigation report published on December 28, 2022.

Patrol Officer Juan Lugo, Detective Seneca Shields, Sergeant Lewis Powell and Sergeant Ty McGowan all lost their jobs as a result of this investigation. Officers Patrick Magliocco, Gavin Schoeberl and Larry Holladay who worked with K-9s were also placed on administrative leave.

Tennessee Cop Maegan Hall

Although Maegan Hall denied having s*xual relations with Powell, the report states otherwise. Hall admitted to sending s*xually explicit pictures to coworkers like Magliocco, Holladay and Schoeberl during his shift but he denied doing the same to McGowan.

According to the report, Hall denied having a s*xual relationship with Magliocco at first but later admitted that they had one. Hall maintained that their affair did not take place during work hours.

Husband Supports Ex-Tennessee Police Officer Who Was Recently Fired

Hall told the in an exclusive interview, “I don’t want to discuss it; I’m just going to move on and live my life”. According to the reports, Jedidah is supporting his wife as they try to resolve their issues. Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin, Jedidiah Hall’s superior said of Hall, “I don’t know how he’s doing it, he’s more of a man than I am, but he’s trying to salvage his marriage.”

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Burrel Davis, chief of police in La Vergne, told that the issue was being handled internally. Davis made it clear that the actions of a select few do not reflect the stance of the entire department.

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