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When is Boruto Chapter 77 Going to Premiere?

Boruto Chapter 77

Boruto Chapter 77

The next Boruto Chapter 77 will be made available online. The upcoming chapter will be available for free on the Viz and Manga Plus websites and the Shonen Jump app.

As the Cyborg siblings settled in with the two karma-bearers, the tone of Chapter 76 became more explanatory as it revealed that Sarada and Sumire were immune to Eida’s love enchantment and dealt with petty banter and muted resentment. This chapter concludes with Kawaki observing Boruto’s strange behavior and attributing it to Momoshiki’s presence.

Boruto Chapter 77:What will be its Release Date?

New chapters of the Boruto manga are uploaded once a month, with spoilers being provided a few days before the English translation is officially released. Japan will get to read Chapter 77 at 12 AM on January 20, 2023. The following times are when the chapter will be made accessible on official streaming channels for international readers:

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A Look Ahead at Boruto Chapter 77

By the end of Chapter 76, Kawaki had insisted that Momoshiki come out from hiding inside his vessel’s body, even though doing so would necessitate the Otsutsuki possessing the younger Uzumaki’s physical form. Kawaki’s aggressiveness in protecting Naruto suggests that he may turn on Boruto in the next chapter if Momoshiki rejects or is unable to take over the blond’s body, which would be consistent with the younger Uzumaki’s recent foresight.

Kawaki and Boruto’s confrontation may be cut short when Isshiki’s failed vessel launches an unexpected attack on Konoha in light of chapter 72, in which Code uses his Claw Marks to sever the Ten-Tails into a humanoid army. Such an occurrence would demonstrate the actual might of the Senrigan and confirm Eida’s worth as an ally for Konoha unless Eida decided to double-cross the village.

Momoshiki seems to have figured out the true nature of the cyborg’s ability before Kawaki interrupted their mental communication, which may be revealed in Chapter 77.

Details Relating to Boruto Chapter 76

Details Relating to Boruto Chapter 76

Shikamaru uses Eida’s Senrigan to confirm Amado’s confession and determine his motivations at the end of Chapter 75, setting the stage for Chapter 76, titled A Girl’s Sanctuary. Given that the scientist’s resurrected daughter didn’t seem to pose any sort of threat to the town, Naruto chose not to become involved in what was essentially a domestic dispute between Amado and Kawaki.

The karma-bearer didn’t become angry when the scientist rebuilt his karma and incorporated Akebi’s DNA. But the Otsutsuki, he said, was to blame since they used humans for their own ends. Because Eida was exhausted, she proposed they pick up where they left off the following day. In Chapter 76, we see how the new roommate situation pans out as the younger Uzumaki tries to adapt and act somewhat pleasant towards the Cyborg siblings during breakfast.

After Kawaki reprimanded Eida for using Boruto as fodder for the Ten-Tails, the talk rapidly turned into an argument, and the Cyborg demanded that Sarada and Sumire be called to the house.

To discuss her thoughts for Kawaki and to hear the perspectives of her female peers, Eida led the two females to her room. Sumire and Sarada realized they were immune to the Cyborg’s love charm after their encounter with him. Momoshiki’s words reverberated in his ship’s consciousness as the sensory crew sent their results to Shikamaru via a telepathic link.

The Otsutsuki appeared to have deduced the nature of Eida’s enchantment, but Kawaki saw the blond ninja’s irrational conduct before Boruto could press Momoshiki for details. At the end of Chapter 76, he finally confronted Momoshiki, demanding that he stop lurking in Boruto’s mind.


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