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Who is Deborah Presley Brando the Illegitimate Daughter of Elvis?

Who is Deborah Presley Brando

Who is Deborah Presley Brando

In the 1980s, Deborah Presley Brando caused a stir when she claimed to be the ‘lost daughter’ of Elvis Presley, ten years after his death. It was on the chat show KYW People Are Talking that she first made her public debut, way back in 1987. In 2004, she tied the knot with Christian Brando.

She recently made headlines for referring to Lisa Marie Presley as her “half-sister,” which was Priscilla and Elvis’s response to Lisa’s death. While Lisa Marie was receiving treatment for her cardiac arrest, Deborah waited outside the hospital and made the following statement to the press:

“[My biggest fear] is that my sister will be gone and I wouldn’t have had a chance to be with her. I love her very much… It’s just a sad world. I wish she had not have committed to anything she didn’t want to do.”

When were Barbara and Elvis Presley’s Daughter Born?

Reportedly the daughter of Barbara and Elvis Presley, Deborah was born in 1956. She claims in her book “Memoirs of a Starseed Child” that her mother met a young, pre-fame Elvis at a recording studio in Charlotte, North Carolina when she was only 14 years old. After she discovered she was pregnant, they broke up. Deborah asserts that Colonel Tom Parker, who managed Elvis Presley, would have disapproved of his former marriage to Priscilla’s mother.

Later, Barbara wed her college sweetheart Don and the two of them brought up Deborah as their own. She says she can remember meeting Elvis when she was a kid and she even gets flashbacks of the experience. During a 2018 interview, she stated:

“When I was about 13, the man who raised me [Don] was driving me to school one day – he was very violent – and he said something like, “You don’t know who your daddy is? He’s a half-breed singer.” I thought, “What does that even mean?”.”

Her mother told her the “truth” about her father after Elvis’s passing. After the incident, Deborah formally changed her last name to “Presley.” She claimed that Lisa Marie Presley, who she considered a “sister,” had ignored her attempts to talk to her about their family ties.

Her mother, Priscilla, seems to be threatening her, and she has a lot of problems. I hope she will be fine. Her music is fantastic. Ideally, I’d like to join her in song. If she wanted to record, I wouldn’t object. We share a similar voice. Since I began singing along with her, our voices have become a comfort to one another. In all seriousness, she should contact me if she is serious about making money.

Why did Deborah File a Law Suit Against Elvis?

Why did Deborah File a Law Suit Against Elvis

Deborah Presley Filed A Lawsuit Against Elvis Presley’s Estate In 1988, Seeking Her Half Of The Singer’s Inheritance. On February 18, 1988, Deborah Presley, who claims to be Elvis’ illegitimate daughter, filed a petition with the probate court asking the court to “determine the heirship and for her share” of the Elvis Presley estate.

In contrast, Priscilla Presley and attorney Joseph Hanks, who were named as executors of Elvis’ will, strongly refuted the claims. Furthermore, they argued, in writing, that the will did not provide for children born outside of wedlock to inherit.

Who did Elvis Presley Pass His Inheritance To?

Who did Elvis Presley Pass His Inheritance To

Mr. Presley’s only legitimate heir is his daughter Lisa Marie, who was born in a civil union.  Priscilla and Elvis’s other co-executors testified against Deborah in court, claiming that Elvis’s will did not include any provisions for his illegitimate offspring. The court also found that Deborah did not provide sufficient evidence to prove that she is indeed Elvis’ daughter.

In addition, they stated that even if Deborah were Elvis’ daughter, she would not have been entitled to inherit from him because she was not his lawful daughter. As a result, the judge denied her petition.

On July 20, 1989, Deborah filed an appeal against the ruling, but the court of appeals affirmed the probate court’s original ruling.

Last Lines

Deborah filed a case to prove that she is Elvis Presley’ daughter. She is known as Elvis’s illegitimate daughter now. She won the case but Elvis Presley says that he will not Inheritance his property from her. We got this information from reliable sources. If you have any queries regarding to this post you can tell us in the comment section. Keep following for more updates. Don’t forget to bookmark our site for the latest updates on celebrities’ personal life.

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