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How Much Was Elvis Presley Net Worth at The Time of Death?

Elvis Presley Net Worth

Elvis Presley Net Worth

You can read here about all the details related to Elvis Presley Net Worth. The American singer and actor Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935 and died on August 16, 1977 is commonly known simply as Elvis. Often referred to as simply the King, he was widely recognized as a major cultural influence throughout the 20th century.

He achieved great success and initial controversy due to his energizing interpretations of songs and s*xually provocative performance style as well as a uniquely potent mix of influences across color lines at a time when attitudes toward race were changing rapidly.

Elvis Presley moved to Memphis, Tennessee with his family when he was 13 years old. He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Beginning in 1954, he recorded at Sun Records with producer Sam Phillips who aimed to popularise African-American music.

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How Much Was Elvis Presley’s Net Worth in 1977?

With a career spanning nearly 30 years, Elvis Presley amassed a sizeable fortune by the time of his untimely death. The late King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was worth $20 million at the time of his death in August 1977 (before accounting for inflation his wealth was technical $5 million).

Five million dollars is not chump change but it’s less than he made in the 20 years leading up to his death. Elvis spent a lot of money on his divorce from Priscilla Presley his addiction to prescription drugs and his large expensive entourage.

Elvis Presley Net Worth

Who is the Trustee of Elvis Presley’s Estate?

As of the 16th of August, 1977 Elvis Presley had passed away. At the time, he was 42 years old. Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley was named in his will as executor and trustee. The trust was established to benefit Vernon his daughter Lisa Marie with ex-wife Priscilla Presley and Vernon’s grandmother Minnie Mae Presley.

Given that Lisa Marie was only 9 years old when her father passed away her inheritance will not be released to her until she turns 25. Gladys Presley, Elvis’ mother passed away in 1958, 19 years before her son so she was not included in his will.

Elvis’ ex-wife and mother of his daughter Lisa Marie, Priscilla Presley was named one of three trustees in his will after Vernon Presley’s death in 1979. Elvis’ former accountant Joseph Hanks and the National Bank of Commerce in Memphis served as trustees, too. Lisa Marie is the sole heir now that Minnie Mae passed away in 1980.

How Much did Elvis Presley Make in Her Career?

Being on the road was a good source of income for Elvis Presley. Despite his initial success in the music industry Presley quickly became an acting icon as well. As reported, he earned $1 million for each of his 31 film roles between 1956 and 1969.

His filmography includes such classics as Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock and Blue Hawaii. In other words his success on the big screen netted him tens of millions of dollars. Elvis Presley found solace and peace at his Graceland estate.

Elvis Presley

He paid $102,500 about $1.061 million for Graceland in March 1957. His mother, father and paternal grandmother all made their way to Memphis to settle into the 23-room mansion he bought for them. The upkeep of Graceland was reported $480,000 per year in the late 1970s more than $2.11 million today due to taxes, insurance and 24-hour security for Presley’s grave.

However, the property and Elvis Presley’s possessions within it have become increasingly popular among tourists over the years. In 1982, the first floor of the home and Presley’s extensive gun and car collection were opened to the public. According to the reports, the gates of Graceland opened to a crowd of 3,000 on an opening day and are expected to welcome 700,000 visitors annually.

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