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Pete Hegseth Net Worth: How Rich is the Television Host?

Pete Hegseth Net Worth

Pete Hegseth Net Worth

Do you know how much is Pete Hegseth Net Worth? American television host and author Peter Brian Hegseth were born on June 6, 1980. Hegseth is an ex-executive director of Vets For Freedom and Concerned Veterans for America and currently serves as an officer in the Army National Guard.

Pete Hegseth Net Worth: How Much Rich is the Television Host?

The latter is a Koch brothers-funded conservative advocacy group that wants to see more privatization within the Veterans Affairs system. His nomination to head the Veterans Affairs Department under the Trump administration was considered but David Shulkin was ultimately chosen for the position in January 2017.

From his time as a student at Princeton University Hegseth has been involved in conservative and Republican politics. During Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, he became a key ally and advisor to the candidate and he continued in that role intermittently throughout the president’s term.

Reportedly, he convinced Trump to pardon three American soldiers who had been charged with or convicted of war crimes for their involvement in the shooting of noncombatants in Iraq. As a platoon leader at Guantanamo Bay, Hegseth has spoken out in favor of the treatment of prisoners.

How Much is Pete Hegseth Net Worth?

According to the most recent reports, his net worth is $27 million. Fox News pays Pete Hegseth $8 million per year in salary. In recent years, FNC’s New Year’s coverage has been hosted by Pete Hegseth. Pete Hegseth earned a BA in politics from Princeton and an MA in public policy from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Pete Hegseth has been acting in a consulting capacity. In addition, he has been a trusted adviser to the Trump administration. His annual salary is $1,02,000 and his net income is $3,000,000 thanks to his many roles.

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What is Pete Hegseth Purchased Recently?

Pete Hegseth recently purchased a brand new McLaren GT for his daily transportation needs. There is a Porsche Macan in Pete Hegseth’s garage. Pete Hegseth has a couple of million-dollar-plus classic cars in his collection.

Pete Hegseth Net Worth

Pete Hegseth owns a diverse collection of property four houses, six cars and three yachts, vehicles and other valuables. In addition to his other assets, Pete Hegseth has over $5 million in cash on hand. Pete Hegseth has a $15 million stock portfolio consisting of 10 different stocks.

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Pete Hegseth borrowed fifty thousand dollars for his college education from a student loan service. Pete Hegseth had trouble paying back his student loans until he started working for a television network and started saving money. However, Pete Hegseth has taken out a few mortgage loans in order to expand his property portfolio.

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