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When will Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 Be Available To Watch?

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

After Season 2 of Miss Scarlet and The Duke, which was both epic and interesting, viewers are eagerly anticipating Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3. Find out what’s ahead in the new season, how to access the complete season before it broadcasts on TV and more.

Release Date of the Third Season of “Miss Scarlet and the Duke”

Miss Scarlet and The Duke return for a brand new season in the new year! The third season of MASTERPIECE on PBS will premiere on Sunday, January 8, 2023, at 8/7c and run until Sunday, February 12, 2023.

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What’s Ahead in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3?

What’s Ahead in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

Eliza faces a variety of new and unexpected obstacles as she works to establish her detective service, including the mysterious disappearance of a magician, police corruption, a potentially life-changing financial windfall, and a tense season finale. Scarlet faces rising competition from a competing agency in addition to the challenges presented by her own difficult situations. And Inspector William Wellington will forever be Scarlet’s biggest enigma. Will William’s attraction to a childhood sweetheart put an end to Miss Scarlet and The Duke professional relationship?

How to Watch Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 Online Before it Airs?

Those who enjoy Miss Scarlet and The Duke will get a special gift this year. All six captivating episodes from Season 3 may now be watched in their entirety on PBS Passport, a service that gives subscribers access to a digital on-demand archive of PBS series. View on the web or the PBS Video app. The PBS MASTERPIECE Prime Video Channel, an additional subscription for Amazon Prime customers, will begin airing new episodes weekly on November 24.

Susanne Simpson, the executive producer of MASTERPIECE, states, “With its playful charm and enticing cast, Miss Scarlet and the Duke rapidly won over our audience.” We recommend catching up on Season 3 over the holidays so you can enjoy the pair’s latest antics.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 Episodes List

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 Episodes List

There are a total of six new episodes where the action takes place.

The Disappearance (Episode 1)

A well-known magician seemingly vanishes into thin air, doing the ultimate disappearing performance. Eliza is hired by a newspaper to look into the mystery, despite the fact that Duke is already working on the case because the whole city of London is talking about it.

Arabella (Episode 2)

Arabella Herbert, the tormentor of Eliza’s youth, happens to be in the area. Now that she’s an adult, though, Arabella comes across as caring and thoughtful, and her popularity is universal. Everyone, including Duke, is upset to hear Eliza’s suspicions that she may be a criminal.

The Hotel Saint-Marc (Episode 3)

Eliza follows a trail that leads her to the hotel where a legendary con artist is hiding out. There are other guests at the hotel who share her belief that she has apprehended Scotland Yard’s most wanted man.

Bloodline (Episode 4)

As a detective, Fitzroy witnesses one of his colleagues planting evidence on a suspect. As Duke is out of town, Fitzroy has hired Eliza to investigate allegations of police corruption on his behalf.

The Heir (Episode 5)

When Eliza agrees to assist the heir to an unclaimed fortune, she stands on the brink of winning wealth that might change her life forever. Eliza needs Duke’s assistance in a race against time to collect the money, but she and Duke can’t work together because of something that came up in his personal life.

The Jewel of the North (Episode 6)

When Eliza gets a bomb in the mail, the season reaches its conclusion. Whence did it come and why? Finding out who is responsible for the lethal delivery prompts Eliza to enlist the help of Duke, Moses, and her old adversary Patrick Nash.

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Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

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