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Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2023: Who the Looks Most Flattering on?

Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2023

Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2023

Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2023: There is nothing better than leaving the salon with brand-new hair color and a smooth blowout, but choosing the right shade can be challenging. There’s a new celebrity-favorite hair-color trend that screams “new year, new me” if you want to liven up your hair: opulent mauve

There is no doubt that micro trends currently dominate the market. While they’re a fun way to switch up your appearance with makeup and hairstyles, being too adventurous with hair color can lead to damage and be expensive.

Anyone wishing to go dark blond-brown this year has an attractive option in the mauve hair color trend that is now popular since it is both trendy and timeless enough to resist the inevitable cycle of fades. Learn more about the mauve hair-color trend in the following paragraphs, including how to make it work for you and what to want at the salon.

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Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2023

One of those colors that you’ve probably heard of a few times but may not fully understand is mauve. According to Seattle-based celebrity hairstylist and extensions expert Angelina Murphy, “rich mauve hair color would best be defined as a gentle, mellow, and dark-blond tint.”

Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2023
Mauve Hair Color Trend for 2023

This color is darker and more subdued than dirty blond or “bronde,” but otherwise similar. According to Murphy, mauve color is created by using a gloss that adds luster to the hair while also making specks of warm and cold tones. The mauve color of Hailey Bieber’s hair is a perfect example because it is soft and muted in tone but highly lustrous and dimensional.

How to Ask For Mauve Hair at the Salon?

No matter what hair color you decide, bringing in reference images is the best way to ensure you’ll be satisfied when you leave the salon. Request that your hairdresser makes a tiny money piece and tint the gloss with warm and cool tones, advises Murphy. Your stylist’s preferred formula for this specific color is 7NCH/9GB/6GG in Redken EQ Shades if that’s helpful.

Who Looks the Best With the Mauve Hair Color Trend?

This color is highly flattering on people with warm and neutral undertones since it combines warm and cold tones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the look if you have a more excellent complexion. It should be possible for your stylist to modify it to fit you best.

Murphy adds, “I also love to go by the color of the eyes – if you have gold specks in your eyes, mauve hair will be extremely complimentary.” “If used correctly, this color will give the appearance of tan skin and make your eyes pop.”

Find mauve hair color ideas on various skin tones in the gallery above to use as salon reference photographs.


The mauve hair-color trend is shaping up to be famous in 2023. The rich hue is celebrity-loved with stars like Hailey Bieber wearing the look. Mauve hair is a soft blond-brown shade flattering on warm and neutral undertones.

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