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Who is Jesiree Dizon? Is She in Relationship with Shemar Moore?

Who is Jesiree Dizon

Who is Jesiree Dizon

Jesiree Dizon was conceived on August 29, 1983. Thus, Jesiree Dizon’s age in 2023 will be 39. Jesiree Dizon is a well-known actress. The fantastic American performer Jesiree Dizon. Jesiree rose to fame for her outstanding performance in “Hawaii Five-0” in 2010. The actor won recognition for her exceptional performance in the 2004 movie “C.S.I.: N.Y.” At that point, the act became widely accepted within the sector. Fans would be interested to know Jesiree Dizon’s height; she stands 1.75 m tall, according to a number of trustworthy sources.

Who is Shemar Moore’s Girlfriend, Jesiree Dizon?

Like Shemar, Jesiree is also an actor. She has appeared in various shows, including True Blood, Days of Our Lives, Hawaii Five-O, and others.

She has participated in numerous photo shoots and is a model at the same time. It’s unclear how long the two have been dating at this time. Jesiree already has two children from prior relationships: daughter Charli, 5, and son Kaiden, 16.

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They Are Expecting Their First Child

Shemar revealed he was expecting his first kid on January 9. He posted a video online and captioned it, Mama’s smiling from Heaven. Miracles happen … Here comes the BEST part of my life.

Who is Jesiree Dizon

Meanwhile, in the video, Shemar highlights why the day was so special for him. He said: “Today is the day. You know your boy’s got butterflies. Today is a special day. This is a legendary day. Today, your boy Shemar Motherf–king Moore…is going to find out if he’s going to be a daddy to a little girl or a little boy.”

The actor also said that his mother is “still a part of us” as a respect to her.

Shemar Moore and Jesiree Dizon, his life partner, are expecting a daughter, their first child. The actor broke the news in a video shared on his Instagram account on Monday, January 9. He declared,

“Today is the day. You know your boy’s got butterflies. Today is a special day. This is a legendary day. Today, your boy Shemar Motherf***ing Moore…is going to find out if he’s going to be a daddy to a little girl or a little boy.”

Shemar Moore also respected his mother through the video, saying she would have been proud to see it. He even scheduled a helicopter to spray pink in the case of a girl and blue in the case of a boy to indicate the baby’s gender. The actor also mentioned the baby’s due date, February 8, 2023.

Dizon has already given birth to two additional children from past partnerships. She remarked how happy she was to have a new family member.

Jesiree Dizon, Shemar Moore’s girlfriend, has been on TV

Jesiree Dizon is an actress who has been on a variety of television programs, including Hawaii Five-O, Days of Our Lives, True Blood, and others. She is a model that Wilhelmina currently represents.

The 39-year-old woman has two children and routinely posts photos of them on social media. In November last year, she even paid tribute to her daughter Charlie by uploading a video and noting how Charlie’s birth transformed her life. She revealed,

“I’m so proud of the little girl you have become, the kindest soul, the sweetest heart, the smartest mind, the most loving nugget, the right amount of sassy, and the best little girl a mother could ever hope for. I can’t wait for the little lady you will continue to grow to be. Proud is an understatement. I love you to the moon beyond the stars.”

She is most recognized for her roles in the Netflix series Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love and the 2018 movie Solver. She hasn’t shared much about her upbringing or educational history, though.

She still communicates with the public through her 37,100-follower Instagram account. She routinely publishes videos, most of which are of her children and friends.

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Shemar Moore has been rumored to be dating a few people in the past

The Sky Blue F.C. midfielder Shawna Gordon and the Criminal Minds actor dated for a year before breaking up in 2015. He became well-known because of his romance with the actress Anabelle Acosta.

Up until 2021, Shemar and Anabelle were a couple. In a 2019 interview with Steve Harvey, Moore claimed that he looked for Anabelle’s email address to ask her out on a date. Moore said she wasn’t eager to move things along and was more interested in getting to know each other as friends.

Shemar Moore has gained fame for his roles in a variety of television programs, including The Young and the Restless, Criminal Minds, S.W.A.T., and others.

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