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‘Eight is Enough’ Star Adam Rich’s Cause of Death Revealed Now

_Adam Rich Cause of Death

_Adam Rich Cause of Death

Adam Rich, who starred in ABC’s Eight Is Enough drama, passed away on Saturday. When he was born, he was the oldest of five children. Family members confirmed the news; however, they did not discuss the circumstances behind their demise. The actor’s body was reportedly discovered at home; no foul play was suspected.

Rich starred in all 112 episodes of Eight is Enough as the youngest son, Nicholas Bradford. Dick Van Patten, Betty Buckley, Grant Goodeve, Lani O’Grady, and Laurie Walters were among the guest stars throughout the show’s five seasons (1977–1981).

His early career was guided by the same theatre teacher who instructed Kevin Spacey and Val Kilmer, both of whom attended Chatsworth High School. Rich had a more significant role in Code Red. Still, he also had minor roles on shows including The Six Million Dollar Man, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, CHiPs, Silver Spoons, St. Elsewhere, Baywatch, and Small Wonder until he quit acting in the early ’90s.

While filming Eight Is Enough with Willie Aames, he featured in commercials for Betty Crocker and Nabisco and did voiceover work for Dungeons & Dragons. The actor was arrested for drug possession in 1991 after he broke into a pharmacy. Van Patten, his TV dad, saved the day.

His final roles were as Crocodile Dundee in one episode of Reel Comedy and a cameo in the David Spade film Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. These two were both presented to the public in 2003.

‘Eight is Enough’ Star Adam Rich’s Cause of Death

Star of the massive hit “Eight Is Enough,” Adam Rich, has passed away.

A relative has revealed to TMZ that… This past Saturday, Adam passed away in his Los Angeles area residence. A law enforcement source said someone came to his house and discovered him unresponsive, but the family member was unwilling to comment on the cause of death. According to the law enforcement source, this incident did not include any criminal activity.

In the TV series “Eight Is Enough,” Adam portrayed Nicholas Bradford, the youngest of the Bradford sons. It aired on television from 1977 until 1981. In addition to “Code Red” in 1981 and “Dungeons & Dragons” in 1983, he worked on additional projects.

_Adam Rich Cause of Death

According to VH1, Adam is the number seventy-three most excellent kid star. He withdrew from show business in the 1980s, citing an aversion to the limelight and other aspects of notoriety. In the San Fernando Valley, where Adam attended Chatsworth High, he discovered a passion for acting. Their theatre teachers educated Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer, and other famous performers.

Adam’s substance misuse problems led to his imprisonment in 1991 when he tried to break into a pharmacy and steal medications. The fictional father figure he had on “Eight Is Enough,” Dick Van Patten, came to his rescue. There were additional legal problems for him.

To paraphrase Adam’s philosophy: “Life is for living, and I live my life to the fullest every day.” He was 54 years old. RIP Adam.

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How Did the Actor Adam Rich Die?

According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, Adam Rich, an actor who gained notoriety as a youngster playing Nicholas Bradford, the youngest Bradford family member, on the television drama “Eight Is Enough,” has passed away. He was 54.

According to a report quoting Rich’s relatives, he passed away Saturday at his home in Los Angeles. They passed away for different reasons.

While Rich’s part in “Eight Is Enough” made him most famous, he also appeared on several TV shows and movies in the late ’70s and ’80s. Fantasy Island, CHiPs, Small Wonder, and a voice role in the animated series “Dungeons & Dragons” are a few of the credits.

Before taking a ten-year hiatus from on-camera work, Rich’s final TV appearance was on an episode of “Baywatch” in 1993.

Later, in the 2003 David Spade comedy “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star,” he played himself. In the same year, he also played Crocodile Dundee in the TV series “Reel Comedy.”

Rich encountered legal issues in 1991 about an alleged burglary. His “Eight Is Enough” TV dad, actor Dick Van Patten, once covered his bail.

Rich took part in a 1996 hoax claiming that he had passed away, which was authored by Dave Eggers, the author of “Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius,” for Might Magazine as part of a satire on celebrity deaths.

The former child star reflected on his career in a post on Instagram in 2021, when he was a featured character in the CNN series “The History of the Sitcom.”

“I’m grateful for the joy felt while working on 8!…,” Rich wrote. “I hope it may have brought you some joy as well.”

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