How Do The Fans Think Yellowstone Season 5 Will End?

Cowboys and cowgirls if the tease for the Yellowstone Season 5 midseason finale is any indication we’re in for a real treat. The Duttons are ready to put the hoedown aside after coping with several bacterial cattle illnesses and having celebrations every week. This summer, in the second half of Yellowstone’s fifth season, Jamie Dutton, the governor’s son, will grill him for impeachment, and he may or may not be trying to kill his sister. Phew!

The unpredictable nature of Yellowstone hasn’t prevented fans from attempting, especially in light of the shocking Season 3 finale, which had us convinced that the entire Dutton family had perished. In the end, who takes possession of the ranch? When will the next member of the Dutton family pass away? What did Kayce see in her vision? When is the new Luke Grimes country song going to be a hit? We hope that the second half of Yellowstone Season 5 will provide some answers to these burning questions. So until the summer premiere of our favorite cowboy drama, here are some of the more intriguing conjectures being tossed around the Internet’s great big think engine.

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Things That May Happen in Yellowstone Season 5 According to Fans

That Ranch Belongs to Jamie

There has been a widespread fan belief in the Yellowstone subreddit since the Season 4 finale that Jamie will end up with the ranch when the series concludes. Reddit user phattwoohie detailed their thoughts on Yellowstone’s conclusion in a thread titled “Jamie Will End Up With Everything in The End.

“Think about it for a minute and play it out in your head. Who do they always turn to when they need to be bailed out of a legal situation? Who knows all their secrets? Jamie is highly educated and extremely good with the law. He understands contracts, state/federal/local laws, environmental law, real estate law, tax law, etc. Jamie has the knowledge to eventually take it ALL! He will find some way to bind up that ranch and hold it over Beth’s head. Whatever he schemes up, it will be ironclad, and they won’t be able to do anything about it.”

Assisted by the volatile Sarah Atwood of Market Equities, Jamie is clearly making his move in Yellowstone Season 5. Could it be that the evil plot to kill him actually succeeds?

Yellowstone Season 5
Yellowstone Season 5

The Assassination of Summer Higgins

I can’t say for sure who will inherit the Dutton Ranch in the end, but I think this notion regarding a potential death in the Yellowstone Season 5 finale has some merit. A Reddit member named PowSuperMom speculated that Summer Higgins’s house imprisonment at the Dutton Ranch could prove to be her undoing. Getting too closely linked to the Duttons isn’t exactly a recommendation we make. Those who venture near the flames are usually burned to death or branded into servitude. The Reddit poster said, “I feel this hit that’s coming is going to kill her thinking she’s Beth.” Summer Higgins is currently under home arrest.

If Jamie follows through with the hit on his sister, Beth could be mistaken for another blond like Summer Higgins, the thinking goes. When Beth learns that Jamie was trying to assassinate her, it could be the final straw that sparks the Dutton civil war, since many viewers have been wondering all season about Summer’s role at the ranch.

How the Duttons’ Story Ends Depends on Kayce’s Imagination?

Yellowstone Season 4 ended with Kayce Dutton having a vision in the desert regarding his destiny. Two uncharted roads stood before him, and he was warned that he would have to make a decision between them at some point in the future. As of yet, Yellowstone watchers have no idea what either path entails, but Kayce has let slip that one of them would spell “the death of us” if he chose to follow it. But one Reddit user, dynamix811, claims to have worked out what the vision means in a more general sense.

“I think when the wolf/woman told him to look down the 2 paths and choose, one path showed him choosing the ranch/helping save his family during some Yellowstone season 5 drama but having to sacrifice his relationship with Monica in the process. The other path was to choose Monica/Tate over returning to his family but thereby perhaps dooming the future of the ranch/his family. Whichever path he chooses, the other relationship will be ended.”

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That was one fiery conclusion to Yellowstone and it summed up Kayce’s conflict well throughout the series. No matter what happens, we pray for the man’s eventual happiness.

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