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Locals Respond to Okaloosa County Deputy Criminal’s Potential Execution

Locals Respond to Okaloosa County Deputy Criminal's Potential Execution

Locals Respond to Okaloosa County Deputy Criminal's Potential Execution

Locals Respond to Okaloosa County Deputy Criminal’s Potential Execution: On Friday night, people reacted in different ways to the news that the man accused of killing an Okaloosa County deputy had been indicted on four counts. In the next weeks, the State Attorney’s Office will analyze Florida law to determine whether or not he should face the death penalty if found guilty of killing Corporal Ray Hamilton.

“Indictment is not the end of the case — it’s just the beginning,” Ginger Bowden-Madden, State Attorney said.

On Friday, State’s Attorney Bowden-Madden revealed that 43-year-old Timothy Price-Williams had been indicted by a grand jury. They allege he killed an Okaloosa County deputy responding to a domestic violence incident on Christmas Eve. Following the death of 34-year-old Corporal Ray Hamilton, he has been charged with first-degree murder.

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For reportedly aiming his gun at three other responding deputies, Price-Williams is now charged with three counts of attempted murder.

“If he’s convicted of these charges, the court has no options other than to sentence the defendant to life in prison, or to death,” Bowden-Madden said.

Okaloosa County Deputy Officer Killed

A committee will be formed in the State Attorney’s Office, according to Bowden-Madden, and they will decide if capital punishment is warranted. Sheriff Eric Aden of Okaloosa County, Florida, has stated his desire to have Price-Williams executed. On Friday, WEAR News met with a person who agreed with him.

“He took a life, so he should get the same,” Bill Faile, a local citizen, said.

Others argue that life in jail is preferable to be executed.

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“I find it to be very violent. We can’t take any more of this “resident Garett Morato remarked At least five of Sheriff Aden’s officers have been killed in the line of duty since 2007. This, he claims, is the first time a suspect has been able to make it to trial.

Bowden-Madden remarked, “The best way for my office to commemorate Corporal Ray Hamilton is to do everything we can to maintain the integrity of the investigation and achieve a good result.” For the time being, Price-Williams will spend the night behind bars. The bail on his release has been waived. On February 16, he will be arraigned in court for the charges against him.

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