Hakeem Jeffries Net Worth: How Rich is New Democrat House Leader?

What is Hakeem Jeffries Net Worth? Born on August 4, 1970, in the United States, Hakeem Jeffries has become a prominent political figure. Jeffries has also made an issue of the high number of public housing units and high unemployment rate in his district by criticizing HUD for not adequately enforcing Section 3 of its initial creating statute from 1968. This section required that residents of public housing developments be employed in capital and rehabilitation projects funded by the federal government. Without legislation, we may “download the power of the federal government” to help the poorest communities, as Jeffries put it. We find Section 3 to be the most encouraging.

Hakeem Jeffries Net Worth

Hakeem Jeffries Net Worth: For his prominence and wealth, Hakeem ranks among the world’s top politicians. We calculated that Hakeem Jeffries has a net worth of $5 million based on data from reports.

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Histories of Hakeem Jeffries

After Tish James won the Citywide race for Public Advocate the year prior with Jeffries’ backing, the 35th Council seat in Brooklyn was open the following year and Jeffries endorsed the incumbent Laurie Cumbo. Jeffries ran against Assemblyman Roger Green in the Democratic primary election of 2000, accusing Green of neglecting his constituents’ interests in favor of his own political ascent (Green had briefly run for New York City Public Advocate in 1997 and had spoken of his plans to run for Congress upon the retirement of Edolphus Towns).

After Jeffries opened his closing statement in a heated discussion between the two candidates moderated by Dominic Carter on NY1 by saying, “the problem in this campaign is not age — yeah, the assemblyman is older, I’m younger. It has nothing to do with my upbringing in the Cornerstone Baptist Church or the fact that the assemblyman is a devout Muslim. Then Green said, “practicing Muslim?” interrupting Jeffries. To ask the obvious: where did that originate from? Absolutely outraged, are you attempting to divide our community? before leaving the studio and subsequently saying that Jeffries was using “the religion card.”

Histories of Hakeem Jeffries
Hakeem Jeffries Net Worth

Jeffries insisted that he meant for voters to disregard candidates’ ages and faiths in favor of considering their positions on the issues. After losing the Democratic primary by a margin of 59% to 41%, Jeffries ran on the Independence Party ticket and garnered 7% of the vote, while his opponent, Green, received 90% of the vote and was re-elected to a record 11th term in office.

Jeffries was unable to challenge Green in the 2004 Democratic primary because of the effects of redistricting that took place in 2002. This was just a few months after Green had resigned from his seat at the insistence of Sheldon Silver and the Democratic leadership due to his guilty plea to billing the state for false travel expenses. In the end, Green was re-nominated with no opposition.

Hakeem Jeffries’s Nationality

Hakeem Jeffries’ ancestry, race, and nationality are all topics of interest. The least we can do is look into it. According to publicly available sources, Hakeem Jeffries’s ethnicity is unknown. In this piece, we will cover the latest developments in Hakeem Jeffries’s religious and political beliefs. After a few days, please re-visit the article.

Hakeem Jeffries's Nationality
Hakeem Jeffries’s Nationality

Redistricting after the 2010 census moved Jeffries’ district one block further from Green’s Assembly district. State law only requires a candidate to live in the same county as a seat they seek in the first election after a redistricting, therefore Jeffries was still legally able to run in the district for the 2002 cycle, but this hindered Jeffries’ route. Changing the district lines was a “desperate effort by a professional politician trying to save his government position,” as Jeffries put it. Green said he had no idea where Jeffries had resided and that the lines had been redrawn to make way for public housing in the upscale Prospect Heights area.

Is Hakeem Jeffries Married?

Kennisandra Jeffries and Hakeem Jeffries
Kennisandra Jeffries and Hakeem Jeffries

We have identified Kennisandra Jeffries as Hakeem Jeffries’ spouse. Hakeem Jeffries has not been in a relationship since May of 2022. No information on Hakeem Jeffries’ romantic history can be found in our records. We could use your assistance compiling Hakeem Jeffries’s dating history.

In 2008, two years later, he was re-elected for a second term, receiving 98 percent of the vote to the 2 percent received by the Republican nominee, Charles Brickhouse. He was re-elected for a third term in 2010 after handily beating out the Republican rival, Frank Voyticky.

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Average Height of Hakeem Jeffries

The height of Hakeem Jeffries is currently unavailable. We’ll have more updated information about Hakeem’s height, weight and other physical stats very soon.

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