Andrew Tate’s Latest Phone Call “They’re Gonna Kill Me” Viral from Jail

Andrew Tate’s latest phone call: Always remaining in controversies Andrew Tate, again comes into the limelight as he arrests his brother. Both are charged with r*pe, trafficking, kidnapping of women, and other inhuman crimes. Known as Top G Andrew was caught by Romanian police with Tristan Tate. Before this, they were also accused of kidnapping two girls and “physical violence and emotional intimidation.”  

Several clips are virals, now in one clip Tate says about his custody and police “they’re either gonna try to put me in jail, or they’re gonna kill me, and I would never kill myself in any circumstances, ever!”. But the exact time and date are not mentioned in the clip, and only a short portion of that clip goes viral and is shared by British rapper Zuby. Zuby refused his arrest but pointed toward an ominous warning. The clip is only 1.53 seconds in which you can hear “This part of my recent interview with Andrew Tate was so ominous…”

Andrew Tate's latest phone call
Andrew Tate’s Latest Phone Call “They’re Gonna Kill Me” Viral from Jail

“I’m not going to comment on the arrest situation because nobody actually knows what’s going on yet.” Then he also said, “It’s innocent until proven guilty. Not the other way around. Wait and see is always the wise move.”

Why did Andrew Tate predict His Arrest? 

Another video clip was viral on the Twitter account @StokeyyG2 in which Andrew predicated his arrestment. After watching this video you would believe that the officers were “going to try to kill” and “Listen, I’m going to say this on the podcast now, as I say it in every other one. I would never ever kill myself. I truly believe that they’re either gonna try to kill me, in a long enough timeframe. Because they try to shut me up and I won’t shut up.”

Tate ex-pact that authorities will keep him imprisoned so that they get a chance to murder him. He also gave a strong statement, “the reason I say this, and I say this and people go, ‘But what can they put you in jail for?’ And I’m like, ‘How ignorant are you?! In your ignorance believe they need a reason. Do you believe it’s fair? You believe I can get a lawyer and prove myself innocent?!’ That’s not how it works. They decide you’re guilty long before and they find a reason why.”

In this clip, he also explained that all the government systems are corrupted but the Public never understands this, ” and it doesn’t matter what you do about it, you will pay the f***ing price. It’s not fair! None of it is. Every single system is corrupt. It actually annoys me when people say to you, ‘You should just get a lawyer. Why? They can’t put you in jail if you’re innocent.’ Yes, they f***ing can! And that’s what people don’t understand about the world.”

Andrew Tate's latest phone call
Andrew Tate’s latest phone call

Reactions to The Viral Clip

Mosty fand of Andrew give their statement after Andrew’s prediction that he will be released the next day. But after that DIICOT, the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism held a press conference to provide details about Andrew’s arrest matter details. 

In the press conference, Andrew and Tristen were claimed as “physical violence and mental coercion” in human trafficking, kidnapping, and s*xual exploitation.

During an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight when Andrew asked did he arrest for human trafficking then he answered, “yeah, I was not arrested. So what happened is I suffered from a case of swatting, very popular with people who are largely on the internet, many large YouTubers have been swatted. It is where you call the police and say somebody has a gun or there is a hostage situation and the SWAT team arrives. Somebody made a phone call to the American embassy saying that I was holding women at my house… they turned out, they investigated, they realized nobody was in the house against their will, there was no crime committed.”

Then news comes on social media that, Twitter anyone stated that Tristan and Andrew Tate going to be released soon. A clip of both brothers walking also there in which they are coming out from jail. 

One more clip is found on social media in which Andrew says, “I understand that you get three strikes in this game. Strike one is they try to shut you up and discredit you. Which I’ve just been through. Strike two is they try to put you in jail for no reason and strike three is they kill you. And one of my strikes is now gone and now I firmly believe that they’re going to try and kill me because they want me to be quiet.”

Are Tate Brothers Coming Out Soon from Jail

All the viral clips are not fresh, in fact, they are previous video footage when the arrest. In reality, both Romanian police and Tate brothers confessed to their release date. “Appear to have created an organized crime group with the purpose of recruiting, housing and exploiting women by forcing them to create p*rnographic content meant to be seen on specialized websites for a cost.”

Final Words:

Andrew and Tristen Tate are now in jail and no released update is announced yet. As we get any update we will update you soon. Bookmark our site

Frequently Asked Question

Where is Andrew Tate now?

Now he is in Romania jail and authorities are investigating his crimes including trafficking kidnapping and others. Even prosecutors said that they monitored a crime organization to make pornographic videos. 

What happened between Andrew and Greta?

Andrew Tate and Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg meet at the internet by storm. Greta starts to reply to Andrew and get his attention. Tate’s counter-response led to his detention in Romania, as per massive obligation on social media.

What does Top G mean?

Here Top G refers to the “Top Gangster” a phrase than means a personality who is dangerous and respected by everyone. Simply the Top meaning is to stand in the first position, and G is used for Gangster, use phrase is like a passion in the new generation. 

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