How did Immy Nunn Dead at Age 25? Social Media Tributes Paid to Deaf Tiktoker

The sudden death of well-known Tiktoker, Deaf Immy Nunn, sent the Deaf community into a state of sadness. Immy Nunn, 25, was said to have passed away today, January 5, 2023.

When this story was filed, Immy’s cause of death or the details of her abrupt demise were unknown to the public.

She profoundly impacted people’s lives and fervently supported inclusivity and mental health.

Immy Nunn has a large following across all of her social media platforms. While her Instagram page has 15,000 followers, her Tiktok account has more than 700 followers.

Social media is flooded with congratulations for the highly brilliant content generator.

deaf Immy Nunn Dead
deaf Immy Nunn Dead

Her partner Becky took to her IG page to pen down her heartfelt tribute:-

I am so profoundly saddened you are in pain and I can’t take that away from you. I am so so so proud of how you’ve been fighting and I only hope you are now in peace.

“I am so glad I have met you in my life. You made me fall in love again and you made me so happy. You are the most beautiful, strong, caring, and loving person I have ever met.

“We’ll meet again. This is not goodbye. See you soon, babe.”

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Following the news that TikToker Imogen “Deaf Immy” Nunn had passed away at 25, the deaf community paid tribute to the content creator today.

Immy has gained a significant following for her amusing and encouraging films about deaf awareness and mental health, amassing more than 723,000 followers on TikTok and 15,000 on Instagram.

Recalling her “beautiful” Amy, mum Louise Nunn wrote on social media: “The strongest, bravest, kindest, most loving person you could ask for is now an angel in heaven, just Like she used to be.” Right here on this earth.

“It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever written, but I know Immy Nunn or Immy the Deaf is loved by many people.”

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