How old “TikTok Queen Charli D’Amelio” Is?

Whatever you were doing while in high school, whether it was chasing toddlers for minimum wage or working at Hollister just for the discount, Charli D’Amelio is here to make you feel awful about it. As the individual who receives the most TikTok followers, the adolescent generates a fortune online.

That’s correct; the celebrity with the most TikTok fans isn’t a well-known performer like Jason Derulo or Reese Witherspoon (though the latter may desperately try to embarrass her TikTok-loving son Deacon Philippe with her attempts at hitting the woah). D’Amelio, a 16-year-old dancer from Connecticut, completely outperforms Witherspoon and Derulo in terms of fan support.

After downloading the app in June 2019, the teen TikTok star dethroned Loren Gray as the most followed user on March 25, 2020. Currently, D’Amelio, who has 122 million app followers, has the TV on her mind rather than choreography for TikTok videos. D’Amelio will make her streaming debut in 2021 with an original reality series on Hulu about her family and her wacky climb to prominence after signing with talent agency UTA in 2020.

Please keep reading for all the information you require about Charli D’Amelio, including details on her new reality show, her net worth, and her constantly shifting dating status.

What is Charli D’Amelio’s age?

D’Amelio, born on May 1, 2004, was just 15 when she first gained notoriety on TikTok and 16 when she ousted Gray as the platform’s most popular user. Charli will turn 17 in 2021. On TikTok, D’Amelio has the most followers. She had fewer than a million followers in August 2019, just two months after downloading the app, but by May 2020, she had accumulated 60 million, making her the most popular TikTok.

D’Amelio is a dancer that has been performing for more than ten years and is from Norwalk, Connecticut. People frequently mistake her and her older sister Dixie D’Amelio, 19, for being twins because they seem similar.

After joining TikTok Hype House, a TikTok content creation group in Los Angeles that also included TikTok stars Addison Rae (who is currently the third most followed user on the platform), Chase Hudson (whom D’Amelio is rumored to have dated, but we’ll get to that in a minute), and Charli’s sister, Dixie, Charli began gaining popularity on the app.

charli damelio age
charli damelio age

What is the name of Charli D’Amelio’s show?

The D’Amelio Show on Hulu will include the entire D’Amelio family, including Charli’s renowned sister Dixie and her parents, Heidi and Marc D’Amelio.

The D’Amelio Show is allegedly presented in a reality-TV manner akin to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The D’Amelio Show will follow Charli and Dixie’s opulent lifestyles as they go on business trips to rich locations and take part in picture shoots, among other things.

While their parents lament that they are just “regular kids,” Charli is also anticipated to discuss her high public breakup with Hudson. Dixie will provide an in-depth insight into her growing music career and recording process.

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Here is what Hulu’s description of the program has to say about it further information:

“From relative obscurity and seemingly normal life to being thrust into the Hollywood limelight almost overnight, the D’Amelios are faced with new challenges and opportunities they could not have imagined. Charli, who at 16 became one of the biggest celebrities with over 150 million followers combined and #1 on the TikTok platform in less than a year, has the world at her fingertips and is working to balance fame and family life with dancing, relationships, making new friends in LA and battling the haters online. Her sister, Dixie, now 19, is experiencing her own sudden rise to fame with over 80 million followers combined, and an exploding music career. For mom Heidi and dad Marc, raising teenagers is hard enough before adding a cross-country move, supporting their daughters’ dreams, and doing the best they can to stay close and protect their girls from the dark side of fame, while also trying to adjust to life in Hollywood.”

What is Charli D’Amelio’s net worth?

These days, gaining millions of followers on social media doesn’t come cheap. So, how much money is Charli worth? Remember that Charli has appeared in more than just her TikTok videos. She is the most-known face on TikTok, has appeared in a Super Bowl commercial, and earns money through sponsorships and advertisements on Instagram and YouTube. She is also a member of a talent agency, as is the rest of her family.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Charli received $1 million for her role in the Sabra Super Bowl commercial.

Charli also bills a minimum of $100,000 for each sponsored YouTube post. Her new position as the spokesperson for Hollister’s Jean Lab back-to-school campaign should also result in some additional income.

How many followers does Charli D’Amelio have?

With 122 million TikTok followers as of 2021, Charli leads the pack, but TikTok isn’t the only app where she’s amassed a sizable fan base. Additionally, Charli has a YouTube account where she publishes everything from informal Q&A videos to vlogs. Charli has 9.59 million YouTube subscribers.

According to Statista, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo still holds the record for Instagram’s most followers with 239 million. Charlie is far from having that many. Despite this, Charli still has a respectable 43 million Instagram followers.

With her joining in 2012, Twitter appears to be the social networking site Charli has used the longest. But based on her bio, it seems to be her least preferred one. She has over 5.3 million followers on Twitter and declares in her memoir that she is “not good at Twitter, but I try my best.”

Why is Charli D’Amelio so famous?

Even she is not entirely sure. She admitted to The Washington Post that she has no idea why she is so well-known or receives more attention than other TikTokers.

When she released a side-by-side video of herself imitating the dance steps of a user entitled “Move With Joy” on the way to dance class in July 2019, it appeared that this was when it all began. Her phone started to go crazy. She reportedly had seven followers, according to The Washington Post. That is until she picked up her phone after class and discovered that she now had 2,000 followers.

We can tell Charli has talent deserving of being followed even though we cannot determine the precise reason it all occurred. For ten years, Charli has participated in dance competitions. She briefly trained under the direction of iconic dance instructor Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms.

She has also performed on stage while dancing with Bebe Rexha, who at the time was serving as the Jonas Brothers’ opening act at New York’s Barclays Center. Charli claims that Rexha contacted her over DM and requested she uses her dance abilities on stage.

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Lastly, Charli participated in J.Lo’s Super Bowl Challenge by dancing with Miss Jenny from the Block. ICYMI, following Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl performance, which honored Latina-American culture and included some fire choreography, the J.Lo Super Bowl Challenge gained popularity. In conclusion, she has some significant expertise based on what we’ve seen of her moves, and we’re not just talking about TikTok dances.

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