Witnesses Report 10 Injured in Miami Gardens Shooting During French Montana Video Production

You will read details about the 10 Injured in Miami Gardens Shooting During French Montana Video below. On Thursday a number of people were hurt. Due to gunfire following an argument outside a restaurant in South Florida, authorities said.

Eyewitnesses who contacted WSVN said the incident happened as rapper French Montana was filming a music video. The shooting outside “The Licking,” a soul food restaurant in Miami Gardens, may have injured as many as 10 people. The address is 17600 Northwest 27th Avenue.

Miami Gardens Police Chief Delma Noel-Pratt stated that they were investigating rumors that a music video was being shot at the eatery.

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“We think that was an isolated incidence,” Noel-Pratt added.

WSVN said that cell phone footage taken outside the restaurant shows Karim Kharbouch, also known as French Montana, in a red shirt.

Ced Mogul, who came out to watch Montana’s film testified that he did so. Then, he said, someone began robbing people in the crowd, and he lost his watch, keys, and wallet.

“[He asked to] call his mother and see if we can get spare car keys and make sure, you know, he’s OK, and then the gunshots went off,” Mogul explained, “at least 13, 14, 15 gunshots. It was very rapid, it sounded like an assault rifle.”

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WSVN says that four people were evacuated to a hospital. It was reported that one victim was in a life-threatening condition. The conditions of the remaining patients, including the rapper, were unclear as of Thursday night. There was no sign of him among the hurt at this time.

There have been no reported deaths.

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