Eight Family Members Including Five Children Were Found Dead in the House

Eight Family Members Including Five Children Were Found Dead: The home had been visited by police on Wednesday to check on the residents’ well-being, according to the Enoch City, Utah, police department. The police claimed they had no reason to think that any suspects were still at large.

According to local authorities, eight members of a rural Utah family—including five children—were found dead inside a home in Enoch City on Wednesday. Nearly 250 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, in the agricultural city of around 8,000 people, police officers made the find while performing a “welfare check” at the residence.

Local authorities withheld more information on the deceased or the circumstances of the shootings for a time. “At this time, we do not believe there is a threat to the public or that there are any suspects at large,” city officials said in a statement on Wednesday. The investigation is continuing, they said.

The city manager, Rob Dotson, stated that there was no indication of a motive and that it would probably take days or longer for investigators to draw any conclusions about what had happened inside the house.

“We don’t know why this happened, and we’re not going to guess,” Mr. Dotson said in a video statement released to the news media on Wednesday evening. He said that a welfare check is typically carried out when other neighbors express concerns or when neighbors are absent for an unusually long period. Still, he would not elaborate on the specifics of the call to authorities about the family.

“This community is feeling remorse, feeling pain,” Mr. Dotson said. “Friends, neighbors and family members are hurting because of this incident.”

Everyone knows one another in Enoch City, according to neighbors, who characterized it as a close-knit neighborhood where properties rarely go up for sale, making the deaths all the more surprising. The neighborhood where the victims were discovered by authorities is frequently populated by kids playing in yards and friendly neighbors who offer to shovel snow for one another.

Eight Family Members Including Five Children Were Found Dead
Eight Family Members Including Five Children Were Found Dead

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After hearing of the incident, Richard Jensen, a local councilman, claimed to have cried intermittently throughout the night. So that his 11-year-old son wouldn’t have to learn about what had happened in school, he summoned the strength to tell him about it.

“This was a respected community member and church leader, and it is sending shock waves,” Mr. Jensen said in an interview.

In a statement posted on its website on Wednesday, the Iron County School District in Cedar City, Utah said that the five children were all students. The loss was sure to raise “emotions, concerns, and questions for our entire school district, especially our students,” school officials said.

Aaron Diamond, a resident of Enoch City, said that he knew those killed well because they attended the same church as him. “They were just a wonderful, wonderful family,” he said, adding that the father had worked for an insurance company.

“We’re all just shocked and heartbroken,” Mr. Diamond said. “The people who live here love their neighbors.”


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