Is the News of Gina Grad Divorce Only a Rumor Spread by Fans?

Have you heard about Gina Grad Divorce? Gina Grad is a radio host and voice actress who was born on May 1, 1978, in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. Her show “Andy and Gina in the Morning” aired on KSWD 100.3 The Sound. On “The Adam Carolla Show,” she shares hosting duties and is also the show’s news anchor.

Gina Grad Divorce

Gina Grad Divorce: What man could resist dating such a beautiful woman? But I have to warn you, fellas. Presently, Gina Grad is happily married. On September 26, 2021, Grad wed Andy Harris, a writer and producer from Los Angeles. Grad has an August 2019 wedding planned with Andy Harris. There is no information available of Gina Grad divorce. 

Andy hosts a radio show and does stand-up comedy. The documentary parody podcast This American Laugh was created by him and he co-hosts it with a friend. We don’t know much about the charming couple. She goes to great lengths to conceal this part of her life.

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Gina Grad Net Wealth

Can you guess Gina Grad’s net worth? Early in 2019, we were told by reliable sources that his net worth was close to $1 million, largely thanks to his fruitful career in radio. She’s done work for radio stations all over the country, and if she keeps at it, she should keep getting richer.

Gina Grad’s Beginnings in Life, School and Profession

Gina Grad's Beginnings in Life, School and Profession
Gina Grad’s Beginnings in Life, School and Profession

Little is known about Gina’s upbringing in Overland Park or her family. She graduated from Shawnee Mission South High and continued her education at KU. She started her radio career at the now defunct 97.1FM KLSX in 2006, after graduating from college.

After a short stint, she began working as a fill-in co-host, phone screener, producer, and nightly news girl on the “Conway and Whitman Show,” later renamed “The Tim Conway Jr. Show.” It was a popular weeknight talk show on KLSX, but when the station switched to playing only music in 2009, she and Conway, along with a small team, created a podcast called “The Bobsled,” which didn’t last long. After that ended, she gave cohosting a podcast a shot with Randy Wang under the name “The Pretty Good Podcast,” which lasted for six years.

Gina Grad’s Career

Daily episodes of what was originally called “The Pretty Good Podcast” (or “The PGP”) were released. They recorded an episode of “The Gina and Randy Show” at Frank Kramer’s house and then moved the show to the old Jon Lovitz Comedy Club on Universal City Walk for the Toad Hop Network. She worked as a fill-in producer for the “Bill Handel Show” at KFI am640 and also produced Gary Hoffmann’s Sunday morning show while she was working on Grad’s podcast.

She also served as an associate producer and was instrumental in getting “The Bill Carroll Show” off the ground during her time there. Several publications claim that “The John and Ken Show,” which she co-hosted with Randy Wang, has the largest weekly audience of any local talk radio program in the United States at 1.2 million listeners.

Recent Projects

In 2013, Gina was a regular host on “The Young Turks,” a YouTube news program known for its progressive leftist stance and its focus on news and current events presented with an anti-establishment slant. Her frequent appearances on “The Main Show,” “The Rubin Report,” and “The Point” alongside Ana Kasparian attest to her prominence as a panelist.

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Gina Grad’s Personal Life

Gina Grad's Personal Life
Gina Grad’s Personal Life

In her private life Grad is reportedly dating an Irish man named Tin according to multiple sources. However, she has not spoken publicly about this and tries to keep it a private matter. As well as her radio work, she is well-known in the world of video games. She provided the voice of Rose in Street Fighter IV (2008), the latest instalment in Capcom’s long-running fighting game franchise. Her voice can also be heard in the video games Syndicate, Ergo Proxy and Paranoia Agent. She was honored with the Reel world Rising Star Award in 2016, and the Alliance for Women in Media’s Excellence in Radio Award in 2017.

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