Robbie Williams Net Worth: How Rich is The” Take That” Band Singer?

Do you know what is Robbie Williams Net Worth? Since 2019, Robbie Williams has been gradually reintroducing himself to fans with brand new music and television specials; with the release of his upcoming “XXV” album on September 9, all eyes will once again be on him. Tickets for his UK & Ireland XXV tour, celebrating the 25th anniversary of his solo career, went on sale on June 17. Fans are bracing themselves for updated oldies like the anthems “Let Me Entertain You” and “Rock DJ.”

This renowned 18-time winner of the British competition will be touring the UK in October stopping in major cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin. The singer enjoyed many successes over his career, which helped him amass a significant fortune. His wealth is estimated to be over £243 million, and it is not just through music that he benefits. Below you will read details about Robbie Williams net worth.

Robbie Williams Net Worth

Robbie Williams Net Worth: Robbie Williams a musician from the United Kingdom has a $300 million fortune. His solo career has been much more fruitful than his time spent with the 90s boy band Take That. With over 75 million records sold around the world, he is one of the most successful British musicians of all time. When he sold 1.6 million concert tickets in one day, he made history. Robbie Williams has received numerous honors throughout his career.

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Robbie Williams’ Early Life

He entered the world on February 13, 1974, in Stoke-On-Trent, England, as Robert Peter Williams. Williams, who was raised by parents who owned a bar, started out at a Catholic school before transferring to a dance academy. Williams appeared in numerous school productions of musicals, including one of Oliver!

Robbie Williams Net Worth
Robbie Williams Net Worth

Robbie Williams’ Career

Robbie Williams, at age 16, became a member of the band Take That. Initially, Williams had very little creative control over the group’s music, although he sang lead vocals on a number of their singles. Eventually, he got into an argument with Nigel Martin-Smith, the group’s manager, about the guidelines he was expected to follow as a member of Take That. Being thrust into the music industry at such a young age also exposed Robbie Williams to drugs and alcohol.

In 1994, Williams suffered a near-drug overdose at the age of 20. During this time, Robbie stopped offering any kind of creative input because he knew it would be shot down again. He stopped caring about the group as a whole and started acting hostile toward his fellow musicians at rehearsals. Because they didn’t trust him to be dependable on their upcoming tour, Take That basically asked him to leave.

After Williams left Take That in 1995, the group was together for only a year before breaking up for good. Robbie Williams was keen on launching a solo career from the get-go, but his obligations to Take That caused contractual complications. After being sued by Martin-Smith for $200,000 in commission, he was ordered by a court to wait until Take That’s official disbandment to release any solo material. It wasn’t until 1996 that Williams was able to terminate his contract with Take That and enter into a new recording agreement with Chrysalis Records.

Robbie Williams’ Relationships

As of 2006, Williams was in a relationship with American actress Ayda Field. Both of them tied the knot in 2010. They produced four offspring during their time together.

Port Vauban

Robbie Williams invested 260,000 pounds in his beloved soccer team, Port Vale, in 2006. Consequently, he became the club’s de facto owner as the largest shareholder. As the years progressed, however, the club fell on hard times and eventually closed its doors. As a result, Williams was effectively wiped out on his whole initial investment.

Robbie Williams’ Contracts

Robbie and EMI agreed to a $150 million contract in 2002. The contract was the largest in the history of British music.

Robbie Williams’ Property Holdings

Robbie has a huge portfolio that includes several properties in major cities including London and Los Angeles. While beginning to pursue a solo career in a different path in 2002, he spent $5.45 million on a Beverly Hills mansion. He made a profit of around $10 million when he sold the property in 2017.

Robbie spent 32 million dollars on a brand-new, significantly larger Beverly Hills mansion in 2015. This mansion boasts 22 baths, an orchard, 11 garage spaces, and a total of 25,000 square feet of living area. Rapper Drake reportedly bought this house from Robbie in March 2022 for $70 million.

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He dropped $22 million on a sprawling 46-bedroom London mansion that same year. He bought a mansion in Malibu for $21 million in July 2018. Before he knew it, he had sold the home for $28 million, making a massive profit of over $7 million in an absurdly short length of time.

Robbie spent $49.5 million for a mansion in LA’s Holmby Hills area in March 2022, only weeks after he sold his $70 million property to Drake. The two-acre lot contains a building that is 19,000 square feet in size.

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