How to Watch The Challenge Season 38 Episode 12: Another Elimination

Are you anticipating The Challenge Season 38 Episode 12? Episode 12 will feature the second men’s eviction of the season despite a recent surprise involving teams and individual knockouts. The twist split everyone into two large groups after the competitors spent the first part of the season working in pairs on Ride or Dies.

Due to partners being on different sides of the game, friends, relatives, and lovers have had to devise strategies to protect themselves and their allies.

This is because duo competition was replaced by one-on-one combat during The Zone’s elimination stages. In the first, a male contender lost his Ride or Dies partner and was removed from his team.

Nelson was furious, powerless, and worried that his crew had not heard him in the last Episode. Nurys was worried that Tori would feel uncomfortable and become a target because of her closeness with Jordan. The moment the players accept TJ’s Challenge, they become agitated.

Recap of The Challenge’s episode 38

Let’s quickly review Episode 11 of The Challenge Season 38 before moving on to Episode 12. The magnitude and power of Faysal’s yellow team in the previous Episode outweighed Moriah Jadea’s pink team. Dueling on a plank suspended over the sea, their first team’s daily challenge, Last Life, was a failure.

Fessy’s squad managed to triumph, enabling them to choose a player from the other side to compete against in the elimination round. They met at The Zone and decided to deploy Horacio, a talented rookie. Jordan, Devin, and Kenny Clark’s futures were in The Draw’s hands. Devin performed the initial action to save himself and drew the “Safe” blade. He then decided to keep Jordan for his team.

Horacio triumphed over Kenny in the Breaking Barriers elimination round. As a result, Horacio was given a chance to rejoin his team, but Kenny was eliminated.

_The Challenge Season 38 Episode 12
_The Challenge Season 38 Episode 12

The focus shifted to the host, and Kenny left after TJ told the cast to go. TJ advised him that as long as Kaycee is still in the game, Kenny is still eligible to take on her in the Ride or Dies. TJ clarified that if Kaycee is eliminated, Kenny will also be eliminated from the game.

In episode 11, Nurys Mateo and Nelson Thomas appeared as another Ride or Dies pair. Recently, Jordan and Nelson’s rookie teammate engaged in a showmance, which irritated Jordan and Tori Deal.

Given the focus on these players, it makes sense to infer that Nurys will be one of the female players eliminated in Episode 12 if Moriah’s team fails to complete another daily objective. We will now go through the release date and plot of Episode 12 of The Challenge Season 38.

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The Challenge Season 38 Episode 12 Release Date & Preview

MTV will air The Challenge Season 38 Episode 12 on December 28, 2022. “Ride or Dies: Frenemy of the State” is the name of this Episode. 14 episodes are planned for this season as of this writing. As a result, there won’t be more than two episodes after this week.

The Synopsis of Episode 12 is as follows: “One team understands that teamwork is necessary to win. While one player must rely on their Ride or Die to keep them out of the Zone, another player must depend on their Ride or Die after losing theirs in the previous elimination, making one person feel highly prone to danger.”

Horacio Gutierrez, Devin Walker, Johnny Bananas, Jordan Wiseley, Faysal Shafaat, Nelson Thomas, and Chauncey Palmer should qualify for Zone elimination.

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 12 Release Time & Where To Watch

At 8 p.m. ET on MTV, episode 12 of season 38 of The Challenge will premiere. Every Wednesday sees the publication of a brand-new episode of The Challenge. You may turn on MTV at the time specified if you have it on your TV. There are various streaming choices available, though, if, for some reason, you missed the Episode while it was airing live or you want to watch The Challenge online.

Sling, Philo, fuboTV, Paramount+, and DirecTV Stream all offer live streaming for The Challenge. In addition to free trials for DirecTV, Philo, fuboTV, and Paramount+, Sling offers a 50% first-month discount.

Recap of The Challenge season 38 episode 11

MTV’s description of the Episode read as follows:

“Nelson finds himself frustrated, powerless, and paranoid that he has no voice on his team. Nurys worries that her relationship with Jordan will alienate Tori and place a target on her back. TJ’s challenge sends the players spinning out.”

The cast of The Task took part in a trivia-based daily challenge last week while being fastened to a spinning wheel that would spin for 30 seconds if the incorrect answer was supplied. The winning team, Faysal, scored 5 points against Moriah’s 4 points. Kaycee was unfamiliar with the “Adam and Eve” riddle.

Nelson challenged his team members because he felt they should have told him about their decision to eliminate the previous week. Despite his best efforts, Tori was determined to send his former ride-or-die Nurys home.

Moriah chose the secure dagger in the danger zone and rescued Nany alongside her. Amber found herself in the elimination round once more and defeated Nurys by twice stealing the ball from her. Jordan expressed his disappointment at Nurys’ departure by promising to date her after he returned home.

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Later, Nurys learned that she had played the game until Nelson, her former ride-or-die Nelson, was eliminated.

Final lines

This Wednesday, December 28, at 8 p.m. ET, MTV will broadcast The Challenge season 38 episode 12, titled Ride or Dies: Frenemy of the State. One day after the Episode airs on television. Viewers may watch it online at

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