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Georgina Rodriguez Gave Cristiano Ronaldo a Rolls Royce as Christmas Present

Georgina Rodriguez Gave Cristiano Ronaldo a Rolls Royce

Georgina Rodriguez Gave Cristiano Ronaldo a Rolls Royce

The showy gift the model offered to the former Manchester United star, who seems determined to play soccer in Saudi Arabia in 2023, caused Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez to become media sensations. The ‘Bug’ couple spent a lot of money on the present. What Antonela Roccuzzo performed with Lionel Messi is impressive from the goalscorer’s perspective.

Georgina Rodriguez used a video to display Cristiano’s response to getting a fancy automobile. The former Real Madrid striker added a new vehicle to his enormous collection in front of his entire family. There were differing views on the present given to the Champions League’s best scorer on the networks.

In contrast, Antonela Roccuzzo once more displayed her modesty and made no mention of any extravagance over the holiday season. The wife of world champion Lionel Messi described how the family lived throughout the holiday season. The Messi-Roccuzzo family will spend the year’s conclusion in Rosario before departing for Paris.

Georgina Rodriguez gives Cristiano Ronaldo a Rolls-Royce for Christmas

Georgina revealed her excitement in a video she shared on social media after surprising Cristiano Ronaldo with the brand-new automobile. Cristiano Ronaldo, a renowned player for Portugal, received a lavish Rolls Royce from his partner Georgina Rodriguez on Sunday.

Georgina Rodriguez Gave Cristiano Ronaldo a Rolls Royce

In a video Georgina shared on social media, Ronaldo is stunned as she presents him with a Rolls Royce Dawn convertible. Ronaldo and his children can be seen walking out to the front of the house in a portion of the video.

The family then climbed inside the brand-new car, which was almost $2.99 crore, and took a brief spin.

“A magic Christmas night 🎄💖💫 Os amoooo💕💕💕 Gracias Santaaaa,” the video was captioned.

Later, Ronaldo also thanked Georgina for the incredible gift he received on his own Instagram story. The wife of Cristiano Ronaldo expressed displeasure earlier in the month when her husband was benched for the World Cup match against Switzerland in Qatar.

“Congratulations, Portugal. While the 11 players sang the anthem, all eyes were on you. What a shame not to have been able to enjoy the best player in the world for 90 minutes,” wrote the companion of the Portuguese star.

“The fans did not stop asking for you and shouting your name. May God and your dear friend Fernando continue to hand in hand and make us vibrate one more night,” she added.

Portugal lost to Morocco in the quarterfinals and was eliminated. In that game, Ronaldo was also on the sidelines. After severing ties with Manchester United, Ronaldo is currently without a club as the new year approaches. A circumstance that would have been unimaginable a year ago.

Messi is already focused on rejoining PSG

After spending a few days in the nation following his World Cup victory in Qatar, Lionel Messi will fly to Paris between January 2 and 3. On January 11 versus Anger, it’s predicted that the most outstanding player in history would play his first minutes of 2023. The “Flea” wants to win the Champions League this year to seal his contract extension with PSG till 2024.

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