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Are the Couples in Singles Inferno Still Together Or Not?

Are the Couples in Singles Inferno Still Together

Are the Couples in Singles Inferno Still Together

Here you will read details about Are the Couples in Singles Inferno Still Together? Korean dating show Single’s Inferno is available on Netflix and it follows the journey of 12 singles (six men and six women) as they search for love and eventually find a partner. FlixPatrol reports that the new series debuted in the top 10 worldwide on the streaming service this month, making it the first Korean reality show to do so. The cast members, who have no idea of each other’s ages or professions, are stranded on a desert island and must rely on nothing but their “natural charm” to win each other over.

They can compete in various games to earn the chance to spend a night in a luxurious hotel with the person of their choice, away from the island. Overnight stays at the 5-star hotel are available only to those who have been hand-picked by the other guest. Below you will read about Are the Couples in Singles Inferno Still Together?

Are the Couples in Singles Inferno Still Together?

Singles Inferno

Are the Couples in Singles Inferno Still Together? On January 17, 2022, Yea-won broke her silence about her relationship status with Jun-sik on her social media accounts. After posting a Q&A video with Cha Hyun-seung from the show, the sweetheart clarified that their friendship is platonic but not romantic. Four couples gave birth in the series’ last episode, which aired on January 8. After appearing on the show, the actors and actresses gained instant global renown.

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Kim Hyeon-joong and Song Ji-ah

Ji-ah, a YouTuber who specializes in beauty material and who drew attention from the men and women in the program due to her stunning appearance, chose Hyeon-Joong, a fashion model and personal trainer. Hyeon-Joong gave himself the pet moniker “puppy” on the show because he was so desperate for Ji-attention ah’s while she was away from the island. In the series finale, Ji-ah held Hyeon-hand Joong’s and said, “Let’s go dog.”

South Korean news outlet Top Star News claims that after the finale aired, Hyeon-Joong posted a photo to her Instagram story of a leashed golden retriever. Is this a hint that they’re going to stay together? Ji-ah and Hyeon-Joong have not made any public declarations about their relationship.

Shin Ji-Yeon and Moon Se-hoon

Following repeated veiled rejections from Ji-Yeon (a college student majoring in neuroscience), many of Se-(hoon’s restaurant owner) admirers were overjoyed to see him get coupled with her. During their extravagant vacations in the last two episodes, Ji-Yeon and Se-hoon grew close, and in a touching scene, Ji-Yeon broke down in tears while telling Se-hoon about her emotional trip.

Whether or not the couple has remained together is still out in the air, though. Although they follow each other and post regularly to Instagram, there has been no evidence of a romantic relationship between the two.

Kang So-yeon and Oh Jin-taek

At one point, Jin-taek, the owner of the tailor shop, played down the connection he had with So-yeon (a tall, attractive, athletic boxing club owner).

There were challenges, but they chose to stick together. So-yeon posted a photo of herself playing tennis on Instagram in August 2021 (as reported by TheCinemaholic) and at around the same time, Jin-taek released a video of himself playing on Instagram. No one knows for sure if So-yeon and Jin-taek stayed together after the show ended.

Ahn Yeah-on and Kim Jun-sik

In the grand finale, Yeah-won (a health/beauty model and Pilates instructor) comically acted as though she had rejected Jun-sik (the head of a health foods firm). They left the island together, which is a good thing.

Jun-sik apparently reposted a collage of himself and Yeah-won on his Instagram account on January 12 according to Bustle, but it is unknown if the two are still together.

Behind the Scenes of “Single’s Inferno”

A Psychological Exam Was Conducted On The Entire Cast

Each participant saw a doctor before filming began to determine if they were mentally prepared to handle the pressures of participating in a reality show. The show’s producer reportedly told Etoday (a newspaper in South Korea) that only those who “passed this screening exam” were allowed to continue filming the show.

Episode 6’s Sheepish Smile: What Made Se-hoon Smile Like a Sheep and Why

Smugly, Se-hoon admitted that he had invited Ji-yeon along for his first-ever stay at a five-star hotel, and the two were afterward spotted sharing a knowing grin. According to Netflix Korea and Etoday, he was beaming as he looked out at the astonished expressions on the faces of the production team at his unexpected decision.

Ji-ah’s  Father wants to Find Someone Else his Daughter

Netflix Korea claims that Ji-ah’s father hoped she would marry Choi Si-hun (a fashion entrepreneur who fell head-over-heels for her from the moment he set eyes on her). Her father allegedly said he hoped she would find someone who would “give her a lot of affection,” just like Si-hun did on the show.

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One Contestant was Heavily Influenced by a K-Pop Star’s Involvement in the Casting Process

According to Netflix Korea, dancer and fashion model Cha Hyun-seong were on the fence about participating in the show until he was convinced to do so by K-pop diva Sunmi, with whom he had previously collaborated as a dancer.

One of the three new singles to come on the island was Hyun-Seong, a gym partner and close friend of Hyeon- joong. After catching a glimpse of Ji-ah, he turned up the drama.

Final Lines

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