Is The Rookie Season 5 Return Or Not?

New episodes of the ABC drama series The Rookie won’t be available until 2023. Thank goodness, the new year is only around the corner. The Rookie Season 5 will now air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET instead of Sundays at 10 p.m. ET. Viewers should be aware of this change.

When Will ‘The Rookie’ Season 5 Return?

The Rookie Season 5’s midseason finale, which broadcast on December 4, signaled the start of the show’s one-month sabbatical. According to reports, the Rookie will return on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET. A brand-new episode of The Rookie: Feds will air right after it at 9 p.m. ET.

ABC will telecast a crossover between the two programs to start the year off. However, the network will keep combining them for the remainder of each season.

The Rookie’s Sunday editions are long gone. Currently, the show airs on Tuesdays in its original location, where it will complete season 5’s second half. As fans may recall, season 1 only aired on Tuesdays before switching to Sundays in season 2.

Is The Show At Risk of Being Canceled?

This isn’t always the case, but when a network changes the day a show airs, it might be disastrous for the show. Fans will notice this when a show is pushed to Fridays when television series die. So the fact that The Rookie Season 5 is shifting from Sundays to Tuesdays, which are pretty high-performing days, is a good omen.

However, we know that The Rookie has previously been on the verge of cancellation, so this decision could be a last-ditch attempt to raise ratings. Alternatively, ABC may pair The Rookie with The Rookie: Feds to boost the audience of its spinoff.

The Rookie Season 5
                                                                 The Rookie Season 5

The Rookie outperforms The Rookie: Feds, which is to be anticipated. So it’s plausible that the decision was made to encourage fans of the original series to watch the spinoff rather than because it was about to be canceled. Fans of The Rookie: Feds should be concerned about the show’s future because we believe that Season 5 will not be the final season.

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About ‘The Rookie’ Season 5 Episode 10

The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 10 and The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10 both lack official synopses from ABC. However, the basis of the impending crossover is known thanks to a preview. A robbery squad that appears to get away with robbing a bank also takes a list of names of FBI undercover agents. While working together to catch these crooks, the LAPD and FBI face peril.

The Rookie Season 5
                                                                      The Rookie Season 5

In one sneak peek, a person approaches Simone Clark from behind and begins choking her with what appears to be a rope. Another video shows one of the suspects trying to shove Tim Bradford and Aaron Thorsen over a tall building by ramming into their automobile.

On Tuesday, January 3, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, “The List,” the tenth episode of The Rookie Season 5 will air. The Silent Prisoner, The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 10, airs immediately after at 9 p.m. ET.

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