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Pachinko Actress Hyunri Reveals The Love of Her Life: Who Is He?

Pachinko Actress Hyunri Reveals The Love of Her Life

Pachinko Actress Hyunri Reveals The Love of Her Life

Hyunri, a 36-year-old Korean-Japanese actress best known for her role in “Pachinko,” recently tied the knot with Japanese actor Keita Machida (32). This was posted on Keita Machida’s official website on December 25th: “To all of you who constantly support Keita Machida. It was a surprise, but Keita Machida and Hyunri had just tied the knot.

After collaborating on a film, they’ve been spending their time together as mutually supportive partners and dating with marriage in mind. They said, “They will work hard together in the future to establish a better future and become better people and performers.”

Hyunri and Keita Machida Start Dating

After working together in “Cinema Fighters” (2017) and “Life As a Girl” (2018), Hyunri and Keita Machida began dating. They finally confirmed their relationship in September this year and are making headlines by getting married only three months later.

                             Pachinko Actress Hyunri Reveals The Love of Her Life

A native of Tokyo, Japan, Hyunri has worked as an actress in Japan and Korea. In 2006, she made her acting debut in the music video for Lee Jung’s single “Fever.” Following that, she made a lasting impression on audiences with her roles in the Japanese film “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy,” directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, and the original series “Pachinko,” produced by streaming service Apple TV+.

In 2010, Keita Machida made her acting debut with the company “Gekidan EXILE.” Korean music fans first heard of him because of his hit, “Cherry Magic! Can You Become a Wizard After Being a Virgin for Thirty Years?

Keita Machida, in particular, has displayed his right-wing leanings on multiple occasions, including his visits to Yasukuni Shrine in 2012 and 2013, his 2019 appearance on an anti-Korean current affairs program concerning compensation for forced labor in Korea, and his professed admiration of “Eien no Zero” Naoki Hyakuta, a representative anti-Korean writer in Japan.

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