Does John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” Return This Week?

The late-night host of “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” is enjoying a successful ninth season after winning yet another Emmy earlier this year. Emmy nominations are nothing new for Oliver and his crew, of course.

With this year’s victory, the program has received 22 nominations overall. And that’s probably why we have several upcoming seasons to look forward to. “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” received a 3-season renewal back in September 2021, extending the late-night program until 2023.

Late-night hosts take vacations just like everyone else. And given Oliver’s penchant for taking unannounced days off, if you’re here, you’re probably wondering if there’s a new episode this week. That’s a good call because this Sunday, October 23, there won’t be a new episode of “Last Week Tonight.”

John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" Return
                                                        John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” Return

Last Thursday, Oliver discussed trans rights again, a topic he has previously covered on the program. The late-night presenter disproved “heartbreakingly foolish” ideas being advanced against trans children across the nation, such as the notion that they are merely identifying as trans due to a significant cheating scandal.

According to Oliver, trans women have a biologically unfair edge over cisgender women, which is why so many lawmakers are trying to enact laws to ban transgender children from participating in school sports.

Oliver made fun of the idea that kids would plan elaborate, dishonest school sports-related cheating plans to achieve what they wanted. “Lori Loughlin is on your mind. You have someone in mind when you say this. You’re perplexed.

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Oliver was, of course, referring to the fact that the “Full House” actress, along with some other well-known figures, was apprehended and entered a guilty plea to conspiracy after she and her husband were charged with paying $500,000 to entice their two daughters to enroll at the University of Southern California as fictitious crew team recruits.

John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" Return
                                                  John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” Return

Oliver continued, “So much of the discussion about anti-trans laws involves wildly exaggerated rhetoric that does not reflect the reality of kids’ actual circumstances.

The late-night host continued by refuting and making fun of the “heartbreakingly ridiculous” conspiracy theory put up by anti-trans campaigners, claiming that students in schools are declaring themselves to be cats and requesting the installation of litter boxes for their use.

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