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Eddie Kendricks’s Cause of Death at 52 And Why He Left Temptations?

Eddie kendricks cause of death

Eddie kendricks cause of death

Eddie Kendricks’s cause of death: Eddie Kendricks, “The Way You Do the Things You Do,” singer who died in 1992, was again in headlines because of the reason behind his death.  He is the lead member of Temptations which was formed in Detroit in 1961 including  Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams and Elbridge Bryant.

But in 1964 David replaced Bryant and welcomed the Motown label. Hit songs sung by the group are “My Girl”, “It’s Growing” and “Since I Lost My Baby” in 1965. But Kendricks’s songs are  “Just My Imagination,” “I’ll Be In Trouble” and “Get Ready.”

“Eddie just had that great, great tenor voice that just was so captivating,” Esther Edwards, the group’s first manager and the sister of Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr., said recently. “He had such admirers, men, and women. But the ladies really loved Eddie and his style . . . . He just had a sweet, melodious, captivating, tender sound.”

Motown is the most famous singer in the group who performs several hits. “While the Four Tops covered the frenetic side of the Motown sound and the Miracles monopolized its romantic side, the Temptations quite simply stood as the finest vocal group in ’60s soul,” Joe McEwen and Jim Miller wrote. “They could outdress, outdance and outshine any competition in sight.”

Eddie Kendricks’s Cause of Death And Why He Left Tempatations?

In 1971 he started his solo career but again joined the group in 1982 with a tour “Reunion.” Then David and Kendricks came together with a new album titled “Live at the Apollo” in 1985. But before that, a group member Paul Williams commit suicide in 1973 because he was advised to leave the group as he was an alcoholic addict. Then David dies because he overdosed on drugs. 

What was the Reason Behind Eddie Kendricks’s Death?

In 1991, as he felt some problem in his lungs he went for a check-up. But sadly his lungs start damaging because of cancer. He said it was because of his smoking for 30 years.

“A lot of people were saying it was HIV . . . or drugs,” Kendricks said. “It was just from smoking.” To stop cancer from spreading his one lung was removed. Again in 1992, he started to have his second lung. On 5 October he died from lung cancer at  Baptist Medical Center-Princeton in Birmingham. He was buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham by his children. 

Eddie Kendricks’s Personal Life

Eddie was born in December 1939, in Union Spring, Alabama to Johnny and Lee Bell Kendrick. Eddie had three brothers Charles, Robert, and Clarence, and one sister named Patricia. After some time they moved to Birmingham, and there he met Paul Williams, a singer. Paul and he create a group including  Kell Osborne and Jerome.

This group made their residence in Cleveland more opportunities. Milton Jenkins also met them here who is the manager of the group. Jenkins brought them to the Detroit area and made their new name the Primes. But in 1961, Osborne left the group and moved to California, and the band finished. Eddie Kendricks married Patricia in 1975, and he had three children named Parris, Paul, and Aika.

Final Lines: 

Eddie died in 1992 but he is still alive in our hearts because of his songs. The main reason is his smoking habit from 30 years ago. To know more about other celebrities don’t forget to bookmark our site

Frequently Asked Question

How old were the Temptations at death?

A well famous singer Paul Williams killed himself in 1973, at an age of 34. Ruffin died because of drugs in 1991, at 50.  “Just My Imagination,”  singer Eddie died at 52 in 1992 because of lung cancer. Melvin Franklin was also 52 when he died in 1995 from heart failure. 

Were the Temptations on drugs?

Drugs were used by most of the members of the group. Edwards and Pointers were also addicted to drugs in 1970. That’s why they were kicked out of the group but reunited in 1980. 

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