When Will Kindred Season 2 be Released & Where to Watch the Series?

You will read details about Kindred Season 2 here. Hulu has heard my cries for help (or maybe they were simply sick of my constant emails, but whatever); they have *finally* made a TV series out of Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred and it does not disappoint. It’s the acting, right? Who are these people? Do you mean the plots? It’s more than I could have asked for when I was a teenager.

But now that the season has concluded and on such a massive cliffhanger, fans of Butler (myself included) are wondering when the second season will be released. I mean obviously, they’ve decided to keep it going. Thankfully, I did some investigating, and I now know every detail about the second season of Kindred.

Is Kindred Season 2 in the Works?

My own sleuthing did not turn up any evidence that the show had been renewed for a second season, but that is not to imply that there won’t be one. In fact, according to showrunner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Season 2 and beyond are already in the works. Kindred Seasons 2, 3 and 4 will be very busy for us. In any case, we can’t get a second season until people tune in. Please, for the love of all that is holy, stream Kindred over the holidays.

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Even if Kindred is picked up for a second season, it could be a while before we see it. The first season began filming in January of 2022 however it didn’t broadcast until December of the same year. Even I, who isn’t very good at math, can see that the earliest we can expect a second season to arrive is late next year.

What will Kindred Season 2  be About?

What will Kindred Season 2  be About
What will Kindred Season 2  be About

With the first season covering the first three chapters of the novel, the second might potentially begin with the fourth chapter, “The Flight.” Dana is in present-day Los Angeles, while Kevin is in 19th-century Maryland on a time-traveling business trip. In addition to learning more about Dana’s family’s complicated relationship with Rufus Weylin, the child she rescued on her first trip to the Antebellum south, we would watch her attempt to rescue her husband.

Despite the fact that the showrunner has the final say over any changes made to the program, Jacobs-Jenkins has reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter that he intends to remain faithful to the book. Relax, readers. I have faith that Jacobs-Jenkins will make the greatest decisions for my sister Octavia in this adaptation.

Kindred Season 2 Plot

We all know that Butler’s novel of the same name served as inspiration for the TV drama Kindred. Sure, but what is the story about? It goes without saying that you should read the book. Otherwise, I can provide the details immediately.

Thus Dana a Black woman time travels to the American South during the antebellum era multiple times in the science fiction novel Kindred. The plot of the book centers on the main character, Dana, as she navigates the harsh reality of slavery and develops relationships with the other plantation workers and her captive ancestor. Kindred, like Butler’s earlier works, encourages readers to reflect on the ways in which issues of privilege discrimination and equality impact our world. But the novel’s primary focus is on the complex connections (and lack of disconnect) between chattel slavery and contemporary politics.

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Where can I find Episodes of Kindred to watch?

Where to Watch Kindred
Where to Watch Kindred

If you want to see Kindred, Hulu is your only option. That means you’re pretty much out of luck if you don’t subscribe to the streaming service. But the streaming service provides a free month of service, and with only eight episodes, that’s plenty of time to watch them all in one sitting. And what else do you have planned for the winter season? Doing something with the in-laws? Poor attempt at a rhetorical question.

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