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Why is Zelensky Unexpected Visit to the United States so Important?

Zelensky Unexpected Visit to the United States

Zelensky Unexpected Visit to the United States

Here you will read about details relating to Zelensky Unexpected Visit to the United States. On Wednesday Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will visit the White House sending a striking public rebuke to Russian President Vladimir Putin and symbolically bolstering America’s role as the arsenal of democracy in the hard struggle for Ukraine’s existence.

As Zelensky’s first trip outside Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February, it draws attention to President Joe Biden’s historic role in reviving the Western alliance that kept the Soviet Union at bay and is now countering new expansionism by Moscow in an effective proxy war between nuclear superpowers.

Putin’s Reaction to Zelensky Unexpected Visit to the United States

But the highly public nature of Zelensky’s visit, and the expected announcement regarding Patriots, risks further provoking Putin at a time when he is signaling that despite the disastrous nature of the war for Russia’s troops, he is in it for the long haul, betting the West’s commitment will eventually ebb.

With Republicans taking control of the House in the new year his visit to Congress will add fuel to the already heated debate over Ukraine funding on Capitol Hill. In light of the impending influx of additional migrants to the United States, several pro-Trump legislators who will have substantial sway in the slim GOP majority have warned that the billions of dollars in US cash that has been provided to Ukraine should instead be shoring up the US southern border.

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, who is in line to become speaker, is under pressure from his right-wing and has cautioned Ukraine not to expect a “blank check” from the incoming House. This kind of evolving political dynamic appears to inform Kremlin assessments of how long US resolve will survive in a confrontation on which Putin’s political survival may well rely, despite the fact that Ukraine still has substantial Republican backing in the Senate.

After masterfully tapping into the history and patriotic mythology of Western nations in a series of video addresses to lawmakers from war-torn Kyiv, Zelensky’s pre-Christmas tour promises to be the greatest public relations triumph yet for the media-savvy comic actor-turned-president. Despite his appreciation for Western aid, he has often appeared to be shaming the West into doing more and seeking to increase voters’ comprehension of Ukraine’s difficulties.

Putin’s Reaction to Zelensky Unexpected Visit to the United States

In his March virtual address to Congress, for example, Zelensky referenced Mount Rushmore and King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. He also mentioned the “two days of infamy” in recent American history when people actually had to worry about being bombed from the sky.

“Recall the dreadful morning of December 7, 1941, when the sky over Pearl Harbor was blackened by assault planes. Zelensky said, “Just remember it.” Remember September 11, 2001, a dark day when evil sought to transform your towns into battlefields in the name of conquering more territory for itself. You did nothing to stop the airborne assault on defenseless civilians when it happened. The same thing happens every day in our country.

Following in Churchill’s Footsteps

After months of living in the dark due to air raid blackouts at home, Zelensky may have the same epiphany as Churchill when he sees the bright lights of the capital at Christmas.

During World War II Britain’s commander traveled across the Atlantic in the HMS Duke of York avoiding U-boats. He then flew a plane from the Virginia coast to Washington, where he was welcomed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on December 22. They held a press conference together the following day.

Churchill’s regimen of sherry with breakfast, Scotch and sodas for lunch, champagne at night, and a tipple of 90-year-old brandy before bed helped fuel the two leaders’ brainstorming and meetings as they planned the defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and laid the foundation for the Western alliance that Biden has revitalized in his support for Ukraine over the course of several days.

In his speech, Churchill, who had longed for American involvement in World War II for months and saw it as the key to defeating Adolf Hitler, remarked, “I spend this anniversary and festival far from my nation, far from my family, and yet I cannot fairly claim that I feel far from home.”

It’s likely that Zelensky will receive such a hero’s welcome, and he may even hope that the additional US support means that Washington has “drawn the sword for freedom and cast away the scabbard,” as Churchill famously said of the Roosevelt administration in his address to Congress on December 26, 1941.

The president of Ukraine will probably enjoy hearing about the connections to his country’s past. In an impassioned speech to the British parliament in March, he reproduced one of Churchill’s most memorable addresses during the war. On this day in history 81 years ago Minister Winston Churchill arrived in Washington a few days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The alliance that would win World War II and builds the postwar democratic world was solidified during that Christmas visit.

The Entrance of Zelensky will evoke Heartfelt Comparisons to that of British Prime

The Entrance of Zelensky will evoke Heartfelt Comparisons to that of British Prime

During a video address to the British Parliament earlier this year, Zelensky drew parallels between his country’s resistance against Russia and Britain’s lone defiance of the Nazis in the days before the US entered World War II. His arrival in the US capital will accentuate these parallels to the earlier meeting between Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Surveillance is quite tight during his stay. When asked on Tuesday night whether or not she would invite Zelensky to the US Capitol as a surprise coda to her speakership, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded, “We don’t know yet.” Simply put, we have no idea.

Sources believe Zelensky is flying to the United States on Tuesday night, and his reception at the White House would be a clear demonstration of Western solidarity with Ukraine in its fight against Putin, who claims the country has no right to exist. Biden has made the fight between democracy and authoritarianism a central tenet of his foreign policy, and this war is a prime example of that struggle.

Arizona Democrat Representative Ruben Gallego, who traveled to Ukraine earlier this month, stated”AC360″ that Zelensky’s visit to the nation’s capital was mission-oriented. Gallego, who is on the Armed Services Committee, explained that the congressman was “trying to make a straight line” between the United States’s backing and the survival, support, and future success of Ukraine.

Zelensky is on the Verge of Receiving a huge Infusion of US Military Aid

Zelensky is on the Verge of Receiving a huge Infusion of US Military Aid

U.S. official Phil Mattingly reports that Vice President Joe Biden will offer an additional $1.8 billion in security assistance to Ukraine during his visit including the highly sought after Patriot missile systems. According to CNN’s Pentagon sources, Washington planned to ship Ukraine precision bomb kits to upgrade less sophisticated ordnance into “smart bombs” that might help it target Russian defensive lines. In addition, Zelensky’s trip coincides with Congress’s impending approval of $45 billion in additional aid for Ukraine and NATO partners a measure that will strengthen the commitment that has allowed Kyiv’s soldiers to impose an unexpectedly brutal price on Putin’s forces.

This Patriots’ decision, which would fulfill a long-standing Ukrainian request, is part of a larger U.S. effort to adjust its support to reflect shifts in Russia’s offensive strategy. The technology would aid Kyiv in its fight against Russia’s savage missile attacks on towns and electricity installations, which it has mounted in an effective attempt to weaponize the harsh winter weather and shatter the will of Ukrainian residents.

Biden and Zelensky, who have been in constant communication via phone and video linkups since the invasion, will now meet face-to-face for the first time in a crucial phase of the conflict. For months, Vice President Biden has carefully timed US armament shipments to assist Ukraine while avoiding an escalation of the war into a direct showdown between NATO and Russia. For example, he disagreed with Ukrainian demands that the West impose a no-fly zone over their country. For the United States, sending in the Patriots (a long range-aerial defense system) would be the deepest possible dive into the fight.

Wesley Clark the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, has suggested that Zelensky’s trip represents a pivotal time when the fate of a war that Ukraine cannot win without improved US help may be decided before Russia can regroup.

Final Lines

Above we have talked about Zelensky Unexpected Visit to the United States. We also discussed what he said about Military aid. Keep following for more updates. Don’t forget to bookmark our site for the latest news updates.

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