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What is the Release Date of The Oval Season 4 Episode 12 & Where You Can Watch it?

The Oval Season 4 Episode 12

The Oval Season 4 Episode 12

Do you want to find out when BET will air The Oval Season 4 Episode 12? Tyler Perry’s The Oval is an American political drama and soap opera he created, executive produced, wrote and directed. The series follows a family who is thrust into the White House by those in authority while also focusing on the private lives and day-to-day activities of the people who run the White House behind the scenes. It’s impossible at this point not to be intrigued by what’s to come.

Of course, the Tyler Perry political drama will return for a second season and that’s the first thing to keep in mind. It’s safe to assume that the network would like to continue its relationship with such a successful show and its creator for as long as possible.

There is no official word on when the show will return as of this writing, but it seems safe to assume they won’t keep you waiting too long. The Oval has only taken a few weeks off around the holidays in the past usually returning shortly after the new year begins. According to the commercials shown tonight that appears to be the case here with the show’s return scheduled for two weeks from tonight.

Whether or not the fifth season of this show is greenlit is another major question that will be answered in the coming weeks. After all, there’s a pretty solid argument in favour of it already! This show provides stability for the channel and it’s hard to ignore the fact that juicy political drama has been a rating winner for countless major networks for years. There is no reason to expect that this will be avoided in the foreseeable future.

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What is the Release Date of The Oval Season 4 Episode 12?

Consequently, The BET only airs the first 11 episodes of the Oval series, with The Oval Season 4 Episode 12 set to premiere on January 11, 2022. The next episode, number 12 will air in 21 days. Only 21 more days to find out what will happen with Victoria and Hunter.

The Oval Season 4 Episode 12

Where can we find the 12th episode, then? The 12th episode of The Oval can be viewed on BET’s official website, and it is also available on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Videos. Get ready, friends, for episode 12; it’s going to be a blast. Follow us for more exciting news and don’t miss out.

Who are the Cast members in The Oval Season 4 Episode 12?

In the role of Victoria Franklin, Kron Moore is joined by Natasha Ward as Ellie Lyles, Daniel Croix as Jason Franklin, Vaughn Hebron as Barry Hallsen, Paige Hurd as Gayle Franklin, Ed Quinn as Hunter Franklin, Taja V. Simpson as Priscilla Owen, Ptosha Storey as Nancy Hallsen, Lodric D. Collins as Donald and Teesha Renee as Sharon Welles.

How To Watch The Oval Season 4?

On Tuesday, December 13 at 9 p.m. ET, BET will air the next episode of Tyler Perry‘s “The Oval” a political drama series currently in its fourth season. Philo, DirecTV Stream and FuboTV all give new users a free week of service, so those who don’t have cable can watch the show for free.

According to FuboTV, the show follows U.S. President Hunter Franklin and first lady Victoria Franklin, a power-hungry interracial couple who present a perfect facade to the world while indulging in wildly scandalous behaviour behind closed doors.

The Oval Season 4 Episode 12

Their children, Gayle and Jason add their own brand of turbulence and extravagance to the Executive Residence. In addition to focusing on the First Family, the soap opera-style series also follows the personal and professional lives of White House staff members who find themselves deeply entangled with the lives of the First Family, as noted by FuboTV.

Former soldier and current head butler Richard Hallsen have a hard time keeping his moral compass straight in a world of avarice and graft. FuboTV claims that “The Oval” features off-the-charts levels of scandal, s*x, depravity, and betrayal, making it Tyler Perry’s most supercharged political film to date.

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Recap of The Oval Season 4 Episode 11

After Ellie’s tragic death, Allen calls Donald to discuss the vice presidency. This is flashback time on The Oval. The Vice President has now played a mind game with Victoria and Hunter, revealing his hand. As a result, they’ve decided to work together in order to counter his attack; otherwise, he’ll go to the press and expose all the cover-ups in which the president and first lady are involved if they don’t. Victoria and Hunter are now in a difficult position, forcing them to eventually form a partnership.

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