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Woman Arrested At Miami Airport After Assaulting The American Airline Employees

Woman Arrested At Miami Airport

Woman Arrested At Miami Airport

You will read here about the Woman Arrested At Miami Airport. Tempers were flying at a South Florida airport, as an airline employee was beaten and a passenger was arrested. On Tuesday, police said they had detained 25-year-old Camilia McMillie after she assaulted an American Airlines employee. Only In Dade provided a video of the woman losing it at American Airlines Gate D-39.

Traveling from Alabama to New York City with her kids, her family had a layover at Miami International Airport. According to the police complaint, Camilia McMillie took her emotions out on a gate agent when she couldn’t find her two children, who had walked off to use the bathroom.

While yelling, she goes behind a desk, tossing keyboards and pulling the boarding pass reader off the wooden surface.

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Then, a different perspective shows her taking a computer display and hurling it at the gate agent injuring her in the shoulder. Travelers gazed in surprise along with the employee, who seemed startled by what had just taken place.

“She got into a panic mode,” stated a witness. “That’s what happened.”

Woman Throws Computer at Airport

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Police nearby held McMillie until Miami-Dade Police officers arrived. 7News reached out to American Airlines for a statement and spokesperson Derek Walls said, “Acts of aggression against our team members are not allowed by American Airlines, and we are cooperating collaboratively with law authorities in their investigation.” Passengers reacted to the video.

“Oh, my God! Why would she do that?” said a traveler.

Throughout the epidemic, violent interactions on planes and at the airport have surged. One year ago to the day, another viral video surfaced at MIA where an officer drew his gun during an airport altercation. Two persons were detained and the officer was OK.

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As this new ordeal plays out, passengers in a hurry to make it home for the holidays are wishing individuals would carry more patience as they fly off.

“Clearly she has anger issues,” said a passenger.

The employee is said to be OK and has some bruising on her right shoulder area. Police also told 7News that there was roughly $10,000 worth of damage to American Airlines’ property. Millie was booked into jail later that night on an aggravated violence charge, among others. She’s being jailed on a $13,000 bond.

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