Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date: How Popular is this Series Among Readers?

There is currently no set date for the release of Blue Exorcist Season 3, as the third season has not been formally confirmed. The third season of Blue Exorcist is in production, making this the official return of the anime. A formal announcement for Blue Exorcist Season 3 was made during an anime panel at Jump Festa 2023.

When will Blue Exorcist Season 3 be Released?

This article will discuss the likelihood of a third season of the Blue Exorcist anime being produced in 2022, as well as a possible release date. Amazing action with supernatural themes and demons may be found in Blue Exorcist. Rin Okumura is the protagonist of this anime. The protagonist Rin Okumura is a seemingly typical high school sophomore. After being attacked by demons one day, he learns he is actually Satan’s son and his entire world is flipped upside down.

Over the course of its first two seasons, the Blue Exorcist anime has aired 37 episodes. Season one aired from April to October 2011 and consisted of 25 episodes, and season two ran from January to March of 2017 and consisted of 12 episodes.

In addition, there are three OVAs and a movie from 2012. The second season altered the original ending of the first, making it seem as though the events of episodes 18 through 17 never occurred.

Many viewers of the anime series Blue Exorcist are curious about the show’s future and the release date of Season 3. Let’s find out if Ao no Exorcist Season 3 will happen and when you can expect to see Blue Exorcist back for more evil deeds.

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Blue Exorcist Season 3: Will This Season Actually Happen?

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Will This Season Actually Happen
Blue Exorcist Season 3 Will This Season Actually Happen

Looking at the source material’s health and the anime’s financial success is the most surefire way to determine if Blue Exorcist Season 3 will happen. With that data, you can predict with 95% accuracy whether or not a particular anime will be continued and roughly when new episodes will be made available.

And I checked that data for Blue Exorcist, so if you’re curious about the likelihood of a season 3 or perhaps a season 4 of Blue Exorcist, you should check out this piece. If you read this post, you’ll know when to expect the third season of Ao no Exorcist and whether or not the third season of Blue Exorcist will be announced in 2022.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Manga

Manga Collection of Episodes 13 through 17 from Season 3 of Blue Exorcist The Blue Exorcist anime is adapted from the popular manga of the same name, which airs under the title Ao no Ekusoshisuto in Japan. Kazue Kato writes and draws the Blue Exorcist manga series.

How Many Volumes does Blue Exorcist Span?

There have been 27 volumes of the Blue Exorcist manga released in Japan as of February 2022. In addition, Rin’s brother Yukio is the main character in a manga of his own. The manga’s spinoff series concluded on April 3, 2020.

The Blue Exorcist Manga was still being Updated

In 2022, the Blue Exorcist manga is still being updated monthly. The most recent volume, written by Kazue Kato, was released on July 2, 2021, in Japan. Since the manga is on pause until April 2022, only one new volume was published in 2021. Even though the publishing date for Blue Exorcist volume 28 has not been set in stone, the manga series is still very much alive and well and will be returning to shelves very soon.

What about a Blue Exorcist Manga once Season 2 is over?

What about a Blue Exorcist manga once Season 2 is over
What about a Blue Exorcist manga once Season 2 is over

The final volume of the Blue Exorcist manga follows the events in Season 2. Both seasons adapted the first four books, with the second covering books five through eight.

Blue Exorcist manga volume 9 is available in English if you wish to pick up the story right after the conclusion of the show’s second season. With four volumes used for each season thus far, season three of Blue Exorcist will presumably run from volumes 9-13. In other words, by 2022, there will be enough material for four additional seasons of Blue Exorcist.

The Blue Exorcist Manga is fantastic, and you should read it. It’s 2022 and the only option is to continue the plot, and many fans would rather read the story than watch the anime.

Blue Exorcist Season 3: A Financial Success

For the most part, low ratings and low profits are to blame for the fact that most anime shows only run for one or two seasons at most. That’s why checking Blue Exorcist’s sales and profit numbers is so important.

How did the Blue Exorcist Blu-ray fare in terms of sales?

About 12,700 copies of The Blue Exorcist on Blu-ray were sold throughout the year. Amazing for the year 2011! Only 2,200 copies of each disc from the second season were sold. Please note that the English-language Blu-ray version of The Blue Exorcist is not included in this total. Unfortunately, that’s a catastrophic 80% loss. Even though six years passed between seasons one and two, this is quite unusual.

How Popular is Blue Exorcist Manga Among Readers?

Only about 200,000 copies of the most recent volume were purchased, despite the 230,000 copies sold in Volume 26. Before volume 10, 730,000 copies of the Blue Exorcist manga were sold. Although a 200,000-copy print run in 2021 is respectable, it’s still nearly three times lower than the series’s previous print runs following the first season. Manga sales were flat after the second season.

What is the Current Print run size for Blue Exorcist?

The Blue Exorcist books have sold at least 20 million copies worldwide. In 2018, it sold 17 million copies; by 2022, that number should have risen to over 20 million. In terms of sales, it’s in the top 100 all-time manga series.

Since the manga is frequently put on hold, it will probably never be a top 50 title. The writer has moved on to a new series. Even though the author claims to be just halfway through, I expect it to end shortly.

How much did the film Earn at the box office?

The Blue Exorcist earned 560,000,000 Japanese Yen at the box office, which is almost $4.5 million. In the animation industry, a box office of $4.5 million is considered successful.

On the other hand, 2013 was when Blue Exorcist’s fame skyrocketed. For a series that used to be as popular as this one, a budget of less than 750 million yen is probably not very successful.

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To what extent is Blue Exorcist Merchandising Available?

To what extent is Blue Exorcist Merchandising Available
To what extent is Blue Exorcist Merchandising Available

The majority of the more than 60 figurines are of a chibi style and low quality. More than five hundred different items of products have been produced to accompany this series. You can consider that a fair sum. This Rin Okumura DXF Figure, for example, looks incredible. This Mephisto figure is really neat, too.

The sales of Blue Exorcist action figures and merch were very successful. The problem is that it’s all from the first season and only 20% is from the second. Based on the data presented above, it appears that the inaugural season was successful financially. However, season two was not as good. As such, season 3 of Blue Exorcist has a problem on its hands. If you enjoy the Blue Exorcist manga, you should buy some of the related items. The merchandise for this franchise is great.

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