‘I Was a Monster’ Killer Confession! Brittanee Drexel Cause of Death Can Shock You Entirely

Brittanee Drexel cause of death: In Brittanee Drexel’s murder mystery, a man confesses his crime on Wednesday. A man come forward who said that he killed her after being raped. Raymond Moody, that man’s name, who is 62 confessed everything.  “I was a monster then and I was a monster when I took Brittanee Drexel’s life. I don’t have the words to express how horrible I feel … I’m very sorry.”

Now Moody is also sentenced for a long time now more than 30 years for kidnapping, sexual raping, and murder. 

But before Moody sentenced Drexel’s stepfather, Chad Drexel stated that he always thought someday their daughter would come. “Thirteen years later, I find out the horrible and disgusting way she was murdered,” he said. “I hope you suffer in prison for the rest of your useless life,” said Pleckan, her mother. On 22 April 2009, Drexel went to Myrtle Beach with her friend’s group. 

Brittanee Drexel cause of death
‘I Was a Monster’ Killer Confession! Brittanee Drexel’s cause of death Can Shock You Entirely

“I didn’t know she was going,” Pleckan. “The day she left she was angry with me because she asked me if she could go and I told her no. I said, ‘There are no adults going, and I have no idea who these kids are and I don’t feel comfortable with it.’ “

“I told her I just felt something was going to happen to her,” Pleckan said. “I just felt it.”

On 25 April 2009, Drexel left the hotel for Blue Water Resort on Ocean Boulevard. She left the hotel at 8:45 p.m. with blake and white outfit captured by hotel cameras. Then she massages her boyfriend. She is half a mile away from the point where they are waiting for her. Then she disappeared, but her phone was last transmitted near South Santee River, between McClellanville and Georgetown. 

What Raymond Moody Confessed?

From so many times the FBI and police searched for her with public help and other sources. 

But unfortunately, in May 2022 her dead body was found in South Carolina woods. 

In May of this year, her body was finally found buried in the South Carolina woods. Moody was arrested after getting clues against him from the buried place. When Drexel was murdered police were searching her nearby area, according to Moody. Moody was also seen at Myrtle Beach, in 2009, where Drexel was seen last.

He kidnapped her watching alone at the strip. Because of new technologies police can transmit her mobile, there Police come to know that she is taken in a car from a strip towards Georgetown Country. Everything was starting to clear when Moody’s girlfriend came forward to help the FBI. Angel Vause, his girlfriend, stated everything to the police, and then Moody also admitted everything he had done with Drexel.

“I’m devastated for the family. I’m so sorry. But as I said, I didn’t know that part of him. I would’ve described him as a kind, gentle man who gives you the shirt off his back. He loved” she said.

“I was a monster, was a monster then, was a monster when I took Brittanee Drexel’s life,” Moody said while addressing the courtroom. “I don’t have the words to express how horrible I feel and I’ve felt ever since that day. I’m very sorry.”

 He admits that that day he and his friend Vause went in a car in Myrtle Beach, where they saw Drexel, and they asked her to join them, according to  Assistant Solicitor Scott Hixson. She came with them and joined Vause for smoking marijuana, in Georgetown County. When Value is away and Moody is with Drexel, he wished her to have sex, but she denied it. But Moody raped her.

After raping her, he thought he could be in trouble so he wrapped her in a blanket and threw her into the woods. The value returned after some time and she asked about Drexel, Moody said that her friends took her. Hixson said that after some time Moody again came to the spot to bury Drexel.  Police said that Moody is already registered as a sex offender who raped a nine-year girl in 1983.

“I’ll never be able to walk Brittanee down the aisle and neither will her blood father or Dawn,” Chad Drexel said. “She’ll never be able to see my granddaughter, her niece who is amazing, all that’s snatched away from us.”

Final Lines:

Hence this murder mystery was solved by the FBI and Moody get sentenced to 30 years in prison. To know more news bookmark our site venturejolt.com.

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