Kelly Preston Cause of Death: How Did she Die?

Do you know what was Kelly Preston cause of death? Read details below: Kelly Kamalelehua Smith, better known by her stage name Kelly Preston, was an American actress who was born on October 13, 1962, and would die on July 12, 2020. In addition to Mischief (1985), Twins (1988), Jerry Maguire (1996), and For Love of the Game (2000), she has appeared in over 60 television and cinema productions (1999). After working with him in the comedic The Experts (1989) and the biographical Gotti (1991), she wed actor John Travolta in 1991. (2018). In addition to SpaceCamp (1986), she has had roles in The Cat in the Hat (2003), What a Girl Wants (2003), Sky High (2005), and Old Dogs (2007). You will read about Kelly Preston cause of death below.

Kelly Preston Cause of Death

Kelly Preston Cause of Death: Preston passed away at the age of 57, at her Clearwater, Florida home on July 12, 2020, two years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her condition was not generally reported at the time. The MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston was a part of Preston’s treatment regimen, but she had also visited other hospitals for help. John Travolta and Ella Bleu’s Instagram account shared the news of her passing.

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Kelly Preston’s Early Life

Kelly Kamalelehua Smith, whose middle name translates to “garden of lehuas” in Hawaiian, was born in the Aloha State capital of Honolulu. Linda’s mother worked in administration at a facility for the mentally ill. Her father, a farmer’s assistant, drowned when she was just three years old. Her mom eventually wed her employer’s director of personnel, Peter Palzis. She started her acting career under his surname when he adopted her. Her younger half-name brother was Chris Palzis.

She spent time as a youngster both in Iraq and Australia, where she studied at the prestigious Pembroke School in Adelaide. She subsequently continued her education at Punahou School in Honolulu, from which she graduated in 1980, before enrolling at the University of Southern California to study drama and theatre.

Kelly Preston’s Career

Kelly Preston Career
Kelly Preston Career

At the age of 16, an Australian fashion photographer spotted her and put her to work in commercials and bit parts. He set up her first movie audition for the part of Emmeline in The Blue Lagoon (1980), but younger Brooke Shields ultimately got the part. She officially became a Preston at that moment.

In 1985, she played Marilyn McCauley in the romantic adolescent comedy Mischief, and later that year, she played the gorgeous but shallow Deborah Ann Fimple in another teen romantic comedy, Secret Admirer. Other films in which she appeared include SpaceCamp (1986), Twins (1988) with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, Avery Bishop in Jerry Maguire (1996) starring Tom Cruise, Jane Aubrey in For Love of the Game starring Kevin Costner and Kate Newell, and Holy Man (1998) starring Eddie Murphy and Jeff Goldblum. She co-starred with Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence in the 1997 film Nothing to Lose. Additionally, she had a role in Jack Frost (1998).

Kelly Preston’s Personal Life

In 1985, Preston wed actor Kevin Gage, and the couple separated in 1987. In the late ’80s, she was also involved with George Clooney. Her engagement to Charlie Sheen in 1990 terminated after he allegedly shot her in the arm. Preston stated that Sheen did not shoot her in an interview with TMZ in 2011. While filming The Experts in 1987, Preston crossed paths with John Travolta.

In 1991, the couple tied the knot, flying to Paris on an Air France Concorde for their wedding at Hotel de Crillon (on the Place de la Concorde) on September 5. Both Preston and Travolta were Scientologists, but the first ceremony was deemed illegitimate since it was performed by a French Scientology minister. On September 12th, at Daytona Beach, Florida, the second event took place. Jett, Ella Bleu, and Benjamin Travolta are the offspring of Preston and Travolta. Preston’s devotion to Scientology lasted until the day she passed away.

Kelly’s son Jett Travolta’s Death

Kelly Preston son Jett Travolta Death
Kelly Preston son Jett Travolta Death

Jett Travolta, Preston’s kid, was said to have suffered from Kawasaki illness as a newborn and had a history of seizures. Preston made an appearance on The Montel Williams Show in 2003 to advocate L. Ron Hubbard’s Purification Rundown, which she claimed had a positive effect on her son.

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Jett Travolta passed away in the Bahamas on January 2, 2009. A seizure caused his death. In September 2009, Travolta and Preston testified that their son had autism and suffered recurrent seizures, putting an end to years of rumors about his condition. This happened while they were testifying in the trial that followed an attempt at extortion related to the murder of their son.

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