How Did Grace get Pregnant in Avatar & Who is Kiri’s Father?

Do you know how did Grace get pregnant in Avatar? Avatar: The Way of Water, James Cameron’s sequel, sets up a trip that will span Avatar 3, 4 and possibly 5 according to the filmmaker’s flexible approach to world-building. Cameron was motivated in part by the opportunity to reteam with actors he admired, including Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang, whose characters “died” (more on that later) in the first Avatar but return in the sequel in other guises.

Kiri the adolescent Na’vi daughter of Jake Sully played by Weaver becomes the key to unlocking Pandora’s secrets from the past, present and future. Consider the entertaining preoccupations of the Star Wars and Game of Thrones franchises with their respective protagonists’ parentage mysteries (Luke Skywalker and Rey) and their mothers. The Avatar series is no exception, with the second installment introducing the intriguing mystery of Kiri’s paternity. Weaver’s analysis and other hints from the film’s setting help answer what is sure to be a central subject in Avatar 3.

In The Way of Water, set years after Avatar, we witness Jake Sully and Neytiri raising a blended family together. In addition to their three natural offspring (two boys named Neteyam and Lo’ak, and a small girl named Tuk), the couple also looks after a human surrogate son named Spider, and a girl named Kiri, who was born from the avatar of Dr. Grace Augustine (Weaver) while she is in suspended animation. There’s a tough world-building nut to crack in the idea that Grace’s comatose Na’vi body conceived and gave birth to a kid while floating in an avatar-holding chamber. Not even Cameron can figure it out! Kiri’s origins and birth become the most outlandish aspect of The Way of Water.

Avatar The Way of Water
Avatar The Way of Water

In case you’ve forgotten how Avatar (which is now 13 years old) ends: During the climactic struggle against human invader Col. Quaritch (Lang) and the human troops, Grace is terminally wounded, and Jake and Neytiri try to save her life by transferring her consciousness to her avatar body using the power of the Tree of Souls. Unfortunately, it doesn’t accomplish anything useful.

Grace says to Jake before she dies, “I’m with her,” referring to the Na’vi belief that Eywa, Pandora’s divinity, links all living things together. The ultimate disappointment is that while Quaritch’s personality was preserved for later cloning, there is no Grace Brain filling an Avatar clone in The Way of Water because either no one on the human side cared enough about the scientists to give them a full consciousness download or the scrappy human faction on Pandora wasn’t equipped to help her. Yeah, well. Below you will read details about How Did Grace get Pregnant in Avatar?

The events of Avatar: The Way of Water lead the audience and Kiri to believe that Grace’s soul did not board the avatar boat but rather sped through Pandora’s neural network. Midway through the film, Kiri (Weaver again, without CGI) “meets” her mother (also Weaver) and forms a bond with the underwater Tree of Souls. Kiri is not just a great nerd and nature lover, but also seems to possess a supernatural connection to the ecological processes of Pandora. When Kiri is zapped back to her corporeal body, she has a near-death seizure, making the end of the face-to-face connection one of the film’s more startling scenes.

How Did Grace get Pregnant in Avatar?

Avatar’s ending is clouded by Weaver’s human-self cameo, suggesting that it may be inappropriate for the Na’vi children to inquire about Kiri’s biological father. Kiri seems less like the corporeal child of the deity and more like the Greek god Gaea, a walking incarnation of the universe itself, than the Christian understanding of Jesus’ immaculate conception would suggest. By directing Grace’s “soul” into Pandora’s neural pathways, Eywa, who is more of a ghost inside the machine than the machine itself, could have been reincarnated as Grace’s avatar.

How Did Grace get Pregnant in Avatar
How Did Grace get Pregnant in Avatar?

The film’s final act, in which Clone Quaritch and the tulkun hunters pursue the Sully kids across Pandora’s oceans, reveals Kiri’s latent potential. Cameron has so far painted a nuanced picture of Kiri’s relationship with Eywa; she has a mildly manipulative relationship with animals and a soft spot for plants. She could spend hours just staring at the beach. This is right up our alley, as many of us Beach Kids could spend eight hours or more just staring at the water. But then Cameron raises the stakes: in the climactic action scene, Kiri uses the seaweed and other sea creatures as weapons. What this means for Jake Sully’s eternal struggle against the Sky People is anyone’s guess now that he’s encountered an X-Man.

Therefore, unlike in Star Wars or Game of Thrones, one of the movie’s most pressing mysteries may never be solved by revealing a secret figure. Kiri can take all the jokes about a possible Grace/Dr. Norm Spellman’s parentage from her Sully brothers, but Eywa’s influence extends much beyond the ordinary birds and bees. Or tulkun and ikran, in the case of Pandora. Cameron’s true goal for Avatar is hinted at by the enigma: the living moon of Pandora blurs the lines between the spiritual, biological, and technological. Kiri is still alive, Eywa can walk, and the subsequent Avatar films are promising to be crazier and more out there than the first two.

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