Who is the Hook Killer in Gh and Who will Become his Next Victim?

Who is the Hook Killer in Gh and Who will Become his Next Victim?  They have no idea who or why the hook killer is, but they know she’s out there somewhere. Tanisha Harper’s character, Jordan Ashford knows that it’s too soon to assume the killer is through with their plans. When she says that the killer must be stopped, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) agrees with her and says, “The killer must be stopped.”

With a psychopath loose in Port Charles, everyone is on edge. Nicholai Alexander Chaves’ Spencer Cassadine is on the verge of losing his mind. Cameron Webber is someone that Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) is very close to (William Lipton). Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) tells Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) that, in her opinion, “It could be that Esme is NOT the hook killer.”

Who is the Hook Killer in Gh?

Rory’s untimely death may help identify the Hook Killer. On today’s episode of General Hospital, Ava threatens to cause trouble for Victor while Joss evades Cam’s questions. Trina rushes over to Rory as soon as she sees him being wheeled down the hospital corridor on a gurney. It was too soon, Rory says, but he’s not sorry she already knows how he feels.

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Rory starts coding all of a sudden. A defibrillator is used on Rory by Finn and Portia while Joss, Cam and Curtis comfort Trina. Portia quickly exits and apologizes to Trina once she catches sight of her. As Portia comforts her, Trina begins to cry.

Who is the Hook Killer in Gh?
Who is the Hook Killer in Gh?

A second victim of the Hook Killer’s deadly snare was inevitable and this time it was Rory. Unfortunately, this also means that General Hospital fans will no longer be able to see Michael Blake Kruse on the show. In an Instagram story posted on Thursday, December 15th, Kruse wrote, “R.I.P. Rory… You can’t be any slower than that”.

On the episode airing on ABC on Wednesday, December 14, viewers saw Rory, Dante and Jordan discussing the Hook Killer and the fact that two months had passed since their last victim, Oz had been eliminated. Dante also provided an update on the poison found on the hook’s end and later Rory photographed the contents of a report before leaving it on Dante’s desk so that he could investigate a lead on his own.

Rory is the hook killer. We’re closing in on the main suspect and it’s becoming increasingly clear. The killer of the hooks will strike again soon, but this time he’ll be caught. The latest General Hospital spoilers Rory’s major clues strongly suggest who the hook killer might be. The recaps always seem to bring up his dinner conversation with Trina. When Rory describes a typical Thanksgiving dinner with his family, the conversation at the table takes an unexpected turn.

Who is the Hook Killer in Gh?
Who is the Hook Killer in Gh?

Talk about General Hospital is a tease. Rory’s seemingly innocent description of a game of tag conceals a profoundly ominous undercurrent. In a game where someone is always caught, he calls himself It. Rory mocks his young cousins as “maniacs” and promises to concede to Trina in their competition. The similarities between the Port Charles hook killer and It are striking.

It follows its prey in the same manner as the hook killer, stalking them until they turn on him. Rory’s twisted game is masked as a game of tag. The fact that he’s interested in cosplay suggests he wants to see which maniac from Port Charles can really pull off a victory. There’s a chance he genuinely likes Trina, which is why he’s willing to let her win.

Who Will Become the Next Victim of Hook Killer?

Rory’s life may be in danger on Thursday’s episode of “General Hospital” despite the fact that the hook killer hasn’t targeted anyone with ties to Trina in a while. Promo footage shown on ABC shows Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) kicking open the door to Rory’s (Michael Blake Kruse) apartment. From what we can gather from “GH” spoilers, Dante follows a lead.

Dante revealed to Rory and Jordan (Tanisha Harper) last episode that the hook killer had used snake venom from South Asian islands and he also presented a file of exotic animal smugglers who had brought the reptiles to Port Charles.

After offering to put the file on Dante’s desk, Rory secretly snapped a photo of the smugglers’ names. At a later time, Rory was seen showing up at an apartment complex and introducing himself as a police officer. The door to the apartment slammed shut as he cautiously entered. Dante’s investigation seems to be leading him to the same building as Rory’s.

Who is the Hook Killer in Gh?
Who is the Hook Killer in Gh?

But spoilers suggest Dante will be shocked by what he learns, as word of a tragedy quickly spreads. Is Rory going to be the next victim of the hook killer or will Dante figure out that Rory is the killer? In another scene from the ABC soap opera’s promotional video, Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) dares Dex (Evan Hofer) to a fight. As the spoilers for “General Hospital” suggest, the fight between Spencer and Dex will get worse.

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Last week, Spencer found out that William Lipton’s Cameron didn’t like Dex because Eden McCoy’s Josslyn had developed an odd crush on him after learning Dex worked for Sonny (Maurice Benard). Spencer then went up to Dex and strongly advised him to avoid contact with Josslyn. Spencer punched Dex after a heated argument. Spencer seems determined to provoke Dex further which will make Josslyn even more irate than she already is. Will Cameron learn Josslyn likes Dex because of the fight between Spencer and him?

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