Sistas Season 5 Episode 10: What Happened in this Episode?

You will read about details relating to Sistas Season 5 Episode 10. Start scrolling to know details: It aired on BET on October 23, 2019 and was developed, written, and executive produced by Tyler Perry. The series is a comedic drama set in the United States. Where the last season left off, the new one will pick up. There will be further conflict, difficulties, and opportunities for the ladies to pick or reject certain individuals. A full hour is devoted to the action.

In Sistas, a group of Black women (all of them are single) deal with the ups and downs of modern life, including social media and unrealistic relationship expectations, while maintaining their friendships and careers. The women are in their thirties and still looking for love, but now they have to deal with the modern dating landscape.

Sistas Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

Sistas Season 5 Episode 10: After hearing that Sabrina is in jail Karen seeks Robin’s assistance. Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 5 Episode 10 is recapped here. While the two are alone Danni fills Sabrina in on more of Maurice and Bayo’s history. To get her out of there, Andi uses the prosecutor’s threat, even if Danni doesn’t want to.

As a result, Aaron and Karen share some more tender moments together. When she says, “You make it hard,” he puts on his best affable face. I can’t remain upset about anything, not even myself.

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They laugh at the same jokes demonstrating once more that they are cut out for each other in a romantic partnership. They discuss her plans to obtain an ultrasound to determine the paternity of the baby. He’s making claims like it’s hi, and it’s not him, but he’s not being really obnoxious about it. There’s a good, dare I say “mother-son” relationship developing between Aaron and Miss Lisa. Her mom was due to call, so she texted Aaron to tell Karen. I have to admit I appreciate how this soon-to-be love story is unfolding.

Sistas Season 5 Episode 10 Recap
Sistas Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

Zatima’s newest update includes a conversation between Fatima and Zac in which they discuss Heather and Karen and the possibility that Zac is the father of both of their children. She empathizes with the women and knows how they feel, despite her own distaste for the circumstance. However, Heather’s meeting with Hayden and the subsequent legal struggle is what she is truly afraid of when it comes to them getting married and Zac’s possible legal bills being hers.

Aaron smokes a cigarette as Danni and Andi arrive, but he explains to Danni that she cannot smoke at Karen’s because of the baby. Now that Aaron is gone, the ladies tell Karen the truth about Sabrina being locked up: In turn, Karen informs the ladies about the ultrasound and invites them to accompany her.

An unexpected phone call from Robin who apologizes and promises to help Sabrina interrupts their reunion. Then, on cue Gary phones, to ask if he can catch up with her after the game. Andi instructs him to strip n*ked and meet her at her apartment.

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Gary tries to strike up a conversation with Zac who is also at the court as he is hanging up the phone, but Zac is having none of it. Then, Aaron tries to recruit Zac to his side, but Zac isn’t having any of it. Hayden, just to boost the ante (Who is he kidding?) pulls up alongside them. He is incapable of playing baseball. Zac and Hayden exchange jabs back and forth before Zac decides to head home rather than risk getting arrested for striking Hayden. The entire scene with Zac, Aaron, Gary and Hayden was a pleasure because it is so unusual for the male leads of Sistas to appear onscreen at the same time. Please, give us a lot more of that.

Now that the other guys are gone, Aaron tries to make up with Zac: “I’m not your adversary, brother.” Zac has no interest in being friends with him. Zac, I hear you when you say that he says he hates Aaron but also hates himself for growing to like Aaron more with each act of kindness. I can’t believe I’m beginning to like him, too.

Danni updated Karen about Andi’s business while she was on the phone with Gary. Because of this, Andi becomes vindictive and spills the beans to Karen about how Danni was spat on by Jonah.

When the action shifts to the salon, Pam is left to lock up on her own, but she almost starts a fire when she forgets to unplug the flat iron. When Karen expresses a desire to verify the salon’s well-being since she doesn’t trust her, Aaron talks her out of it. Whoa, Aaron!

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Near the end of the episode, Preston and Danni have their first face-to-face encounter outside of her building. Preston puts the initiative in her hands and leaves the next move up to her. She freely says she is unsure of her own desires. She’ll want to be in a relationship one day then prefer her own company the next. She worries that she will accidentally hurt him. They decide to enter the building (while holding hands).

In the last moments of the show, Andi returns home to find a fully clothed Gary lounging in the living room.

Sistas, starring Tyler Perry, premieres on BET on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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