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Why HBO Canceled Minx Season 2 After Renewing it?

Minx Season 2

Minx Season 2

Minx Season 2 was canceled by HBO read here about all the newest updates. The first season of Minx, an HBO Max series about a feminist pornography magazine in the 1970s ended on several painfully ambiguous notes. Ophelia Lovibond’s Joyce is leaving her job at Bottom Dollar to pursue an independent career with Minx. With the Minx staff in shambles after the failure of the issue 3 centerfold shoot and the M.E.N. riot, Doug (Jake Johnson) has decided to abandon the title he had hoped would bring financial and professional success to Bottom Dollar.

Similarly, Bambi (Jessica Lowe) and Shelly (Lennon Parham) have come to terms with their mutual attraction but Shelly appears to have returned to her husband. There are so many directions Season 2 could go in! And yet, what does Minx’s future hold?

Is Minx Season 2 Canceled by HBO?

HBO Max has decided not to air Season 2 of “Minx despite renewing the show for more episodes back in May. The show’s second season was reportedly nearing completion when Warner Bros. Discovery decided to cancel it in an effort to cut costs. In addition to removing the first season from HBO Max, the show’s creators at Lionsgate Television are looking to sell the show to other streaming services.

Minx Season 2

Lionsgate said in a statement, “We have had a good partnership with HBO Max and are working closely to find a new opportunity for ‘Minx’ so current and new viewers can continue this journey with us.”

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Why is Minx Season 2 Canceled by HBO?

TVLine noted that HBO has been on a cost-cutting tear in the wake of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger which includes the abrupt cancellation of Minx. During the summer of 2023, the new brand intends to merge HBO Max and Discovery Plus into a single streaming service, hence the downsizing. That’s the reason Minx Season 2 was canceled by HBO.

Unfortunately, Minx isn’t the only show that didn’t survive the “HBO Max Purge of 2022.” Wonder Twins, Gordita Chronicles, Made for Love, Batgirl and FBoy Island are a few others. Jake Johnson’s erotic magazine comedy “Minx” was canceled by HBO Max. But the actor has assured fans that they will finish filming Season 2 while the show searches for a new home.

Minx Season 2

Despite having been renewed for a second season by HBO Max in May, the show “Minx” starring Ophelia Lovibond, Idara Victor, Jessica Lowe, Lennon Parham, Michael Angarano and Oscar Montoya was canceled this week as part of the streaming service’s latest effort to cut costs. Minx Season 2 is about a week away from being finished shooting, according to Johnson, so Lionsgate Television didn’t halt production.

The Instagram post from Johnson continued, “From what I am hearing S1 & S2 and hopefully, S3 will find a new home. The question is where…”If anyone knows of a new venue where I can upload these episodes, please let me know“. Ex-“New Girl” star Jess Michaels continued, We appreciate all the online support. Creating the show has been a blast so far and we intend to keep doing it for as long as possible. It’s a wild ride, but that’s part of what makes the business fascinating. Now, here’s hoping we have some good news to report to you soon!

Jake Johnson Reacts to Minx Season 2 Cancellation

Jake Johnson said we finished the shooting of season 2 almost. Jake Johnson, who plays the lead character on the show has confirmed that production will continue, albeit with an XL asterisk following HBO Max’s unexpected decision to cancel the show’s renewal for Season 2.

Minx Season 2

Johnson announced on Tuesday via Instagram that “We’re still finishing the season” despite the abrupt end. That’s why it’s a relief that production wasn’t halted. In roughly one week, we’ll have wrapped up filming. Unfortunately, Season 2 will never air on HBO Max, as we reported on Monday. The first season of the comedy set in the 1970s is also being removed from the streaming service. In the meantime, Lionsgate Television which creates Minx will try to sell the show to other streaming services.

The Warner Bros. Discovery merger this year has resulted in the cancellation of a number of HBO Max shows, including the original series Minx along with Made for Love, Love Life, The Nevers, Raised by Wolves, Gordita Chronicles, the Batgirl movie and the unscripted shows FBoy Island and Legendary.

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