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5 Ways Of Earning Money While Gaming

5 Ways Of Earning Money While Gaming

5 Ways Of Earning Money While Gaming

It may feel like video games (aka computer games) have been around forever, and to make such an assumption, you’d be right. Becoming popular in the 1960s, video games have continued to rise in popularity with each passing year. 

As the years have passed, the quality of video games has improved. Consoles such as Xbox, PS5, Mobile & PC have taken video gaming to another level. These days video games are lifelike, a big contrast to the early antiquated times.

One big phenomenon that has occurred in the last decade is the ability for players to earn money through gaming. This is a significant milestone as it ensures the financial possibilities are broader than just the video game creators. 

In this article, we’ll look at 5 ways to earn money through video gaming:

Earn Money While Gaming

Stream on Twitch

Twitch is an Amazon-owned live streaming service that spans categories such as gaming, sports, music, entertainment and so on.

Twitch allows gamers to stream video games to an audience and monetize the channel with ad placements and paid subscriptions. Before monetizing Twitch, you are required to build a following,  

The ad earnings depend on the number of views; the more views, the greater the payment. After becoming accepted onto the program, for each subscriber that visits the channel, the streamer receives $5.

Additionally, there are other ways of monetizing, including Amazon affiliate links and Paypal donations. 

During the live stream, the gamer provides a commentary on the proceedings, and people with engaging and lively personalities are the individuals who excel with Twitch.

Some of the most watched games on Twitch are League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto V, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Start A YouTube Video Channel

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform, where you’ll find content on almost any conceivable subject. Invariably creating a video gaming channel and uploading content is one way to earn money. 

Video gamers can monetize YouTube in many ways ranging from Google Adsense advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsoring from third parties to asking viewers for donations. 

There are many options video gamers can use to create content on YouTube. This includes:

The good thing about YouTube is the possibility of earning a passive income. Once a video is created and uploaded, it has the potential to increase viewing figures over time and continually make money. 

Enter Tournaments And Play Competitively

eSports (Electronic Sports) have taken off exponentially recently and are where players compete with one another. On paper, it is the most straightforward way to earn money through video gaming. Unlike Twitch or YouTube, there is no need to set up fancy videos or commentary. 

But to become successful, the video gamer needs to be the best in the category. It’s no different from regular sports, where the best usually reach the pinnacle and accolades that go with it. Successful players can earn 6 figures and well into millions of dollars. This is a young person’s territory; many start playing professionally as young as 16 and retire by 25.

In 2022, The League of Legends World Championship was the most popular eSports tournament attracting an audience of 1.63 million.

Become a Game Tester

This will involve working in the video gaming industry. A lot of time is spent playing games to assess them before they are completed and launched. A job as a game tester will involve, among other things testing different versions of the game, identifying faults and bugs, and comparing other similar video games on the market. 

For anybody who loves playing video games, this is a dream job with little room to become bored and dissatisfied! 

There are two types of game testers: Playtesters specialize in the user experience and playability, while quality assurance testers deal with the game’s technical issues. 

Bandwidth Sharing

All the methods outlined in this article require effort to gain traction. People can spend months before seeing a return on the work. Or in the case of finding employment in the gaming industry, it requires skills coupled with many applications for suitable roles.

One element that does not involve video gaming but is an easy way to earn money is bandwidth sharing.

With bandwidth sharing, people install an app (let’s take Honeygain as an example) and sell their unused Internet bandwidth to companies. In return, they earn a passive income making it a quick effortless way to make money. 

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