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Did Rachel Lindsay Divorce Bryan Abasolo or it is just a Rumor?

Did Rachel Lindsay Divorce Bryan Abasolo or it is just a Rumor?

Rachel Lindsay Divorce

Does Rachel Lindsay Divorce Bryan Abasolo? What are the reasons behind it or is it true? Andy Cohen’s Andy Cohen Live on SiriusXM recently featured an interview with former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay? Cohen inquired throughout the interview as to Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo’s relationship status in light of the persistent reports of their impending divorce.

Lindsay’s response was extremely forthright: she and Abasolo are not divorcing. She finally conceded that the fact that she and her spouse do not cohabitate was probably the blame for the persistent suspicions. In fact, according to what Lindsay has said, the couple only communicates once a month.

Cohen brought up Lindsay’s previous comment about how everyone assumes she’s divorcing her.

“Do they think there’s no way you two can stay together just because you met on the show?” He put the question to her.

On the contrary, it’s because we’re currently engaged in a long-distance relationship. He’s in Miami and I’m in Los Angeles. As a result, she said, “people think we’re just laying seeds that will eventually result in a divorce.”

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Rachel Lindsay Divorce Rumors

Rachel Lindsay Divorce: After years of speculation, Bachelor Nation star Rachel Lindsay recently spoke up about her long-distance marriage to Bryan Abasolo.

Rachel said to Us Weekly, “What people don’t realize is that we were pretty much long-distance before [we got married] with all the traveling that I was doing pre-COVID-19. Even though I never settled down in one location, I often found myself far from home. We know how to figure this out and get through it, and we have an end goal in mind. I promise you, this won’t last forever“.

Is Rachel Lindsay really getting a Divorce

Rachel hypothesized that the split-up of another marriage may have contributed to the phenomenon. When it happens, viewers in Bachelor Nation start wondering if danger is brewing in another paradise. We finally decided to just face the music and deal with it. And still, everyone thinks we’re divorcing.

And just so you know, the fact that Rachel and Bryan don’t document every single one of their hangouts online doesn’t imply they aren’t dating: In other words, I don’t want to constantly check my social media accounts. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be putting in this effort. Not at all, we have no use for that. We’re just trying to take advantage of every moment we have together.

Rachel Lindsay Responds to Separation Talks: “The Odds Are Against You”

Rachel Lindsay has broken her silence on the alleged separation. The 35-year-old former “Bachelorette” appeared on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” with Andy Cohen on Wednesday and refuted reports that she and husband Bryan Abasolo are divorcing. Lindsay and Abasolo got engaged in 2019 after meeting on her season of the popular reality show.

The present situation of the “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” brand was also discussed by Lindsay.

There’s a lot working against you, she said. First of all, you have to date a lot of different people until you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Then there’s public opinion to consider. Everybody has an opinion on what you should have done and how you should have handled the season. Then there’s dealing with the folks back home. Right? People in the family don’t buy it. My dad is a federal judge, and I thought you might like to know that. You two are totally head over heels for each other, he said. The man was having none of it.

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“It’s because we have a long-distance relationship right now,” she elaborated. “I’m in L.A. and he’s in Miami. And so people think we’re just kind of planting seeds that are going to lead to a divorce.”

Lindsay added, “He’s moving out here in two months, so it’s not a long-term thing.”

Lindsay says she will “continue to push for diversity and change that is needed within the franchise… they’ve made improvements, but they still have, they still have a ways to go.”

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