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Dash & Lily Season 2: Is this Season canceled by Netflix?

Dash & Lily Season 2

Dash & Lily Season 2

Dash & Lily Season 2: The American romantic comedy series Dash & Lily was developed by Joe Tracz and is based on the books by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan for young adults titled Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. On November 10, 2020, Netflix debuted the first of its eight-part series. All that wants to know about that is this season was canceled by Netflix. Please read here for the latest updates on it. 

Why did Dash & Lily Season 2 Cancel by Netflix?

In this era of streaming competition viewership was low and sometimes, you don’t get to make more of the thing if you don’t get the eyeballs. Dash & Lily Season 2 will not be back and it is officially confirmed. In October of 2021, Deadline broke the bad news.

It was disappointing, but not unexpected when Netflix finally made the announcement nearly a year after the show debuted that Dash & Lily Season 2 is canceled from the streaming service when renewals typically occur within a few months of a show’s premiere.

Dash & Lily Season 2

Why there won’t be any more Dash & Lily episodes is a mystery. After all, it was both critically acclaimed winning several Daytime Emmys and massively popular releasing just in time to enjoy with a mug of warm cocoa. Since the original work is part of a series, there may have been discussions during the planning stages about adapting the remaining novels as well.

In the wake of Season 1’s premiere, showrunner Joe Tracz told, “I would love to be able to go back and do the second book.” He also expressed enthusiasm about producing Season 2. Due to the late cancellation, we speculate that Netflix is still reevaluating its project priorities in light of the ongoing pandemic’s impact on film and television production and has decided not to pursue a Season 2.

What we could have anticipated from Dash & Lily season 2?

Based on the second novel, The Twelve Days of Lily & Dash, the following is what we could have anticipated from the second season. Twelve months have passed since we last saw Dash and Lily and their relationship has only strengthened. Lily is saddened by her grandfather’s deteriorating health after he has a heart attack, even though the holiday season has returned.

When Lily is having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, her brother Langston and Dash set out to change their mind. If the second season is anything like the first, we’ll learn that Lily didn’t follow her parents overseas and that she’s been dating Dash for the past year. The budding romance between Dash’s best friend Boomer and his ex-girlfriend Sofia is one of the biggest surprises of season two.

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Was the Plot of Dash & Lily Season 2 Written by Writers?

Dash & Lily season 2 is canceled by Netflix and it is officially confirmed. Fans can be thankful that the show ended with as neat a bow as a big Christmas present, even though they would like Santa to grant their wish for a second season of Dash & Lily. In the end, they went back to the place where it all began, the famous bookstore in New York City, The Strand, where they got stuck the night before and fulfilled everyone’s Christmas wish by getting together. Kissing while New Year’s Eve fireworks went off, no less.

In the instance that their kiss wasn’t the end of the series, but actually a lovely beginning, it would’ve made sense for the series to continue to follow Rachel Cohn and David Levithan’s books. Next would’ve been The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily which also takes place around the holidays and a year after the events of the first book. While Dash and Lily are still together, there’s a bit more hardship down the line for the two of them.

In the novel, Lily surprisingly isn’t up to celebrating the Christmas season like usual having coped with her grandfather’s health complications earlier in the year. It follows Dash and their friends as they try to cheer her up, so she doesn’t miss out on the NYC holiday experience that she loves.

Dash & Lily Season 2

So, if the show did adapt to that sequel, it likely would’ve continued to explore their romance and how mental health affects them individually and together. We also probably would’ve gotten to learn more about the sparks flying between Sofia (Keana Marie) and Boomer (Dante Brown) that developed during the first season’s finale.

While we sadly won’t get to see all the decked-out city streets on screen, nothing is stopping you from setting up your own twinkly lights at home where you can read the remainder of the series. Thank goodness we’ll always have that kiss under the mistletoe in The Strand!

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Final Lines

Dash & Lily Season 2 is canceled by Netflix and it is officially confirmed. You can always check our website for the most recent information. Our website is where you can find the most recent updates on a variety of topics. Do yourself a favor and bookmark our site so you can easily return to check for any new information as it becomes available.


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