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SZA Plastic Surgery Speculations has Shown in her New Album

SZA Plastic Surgery

SZA Plastic Surgery

You will read details about SZA Plastic Surgery here. SZA is using her new album as a platform to confront the persistent speculation that she has undergone plastic surgery. The 33-year-old singer’s new album, S.O.S., dropped on Friday and many take its release as confirmation that she has had plastic surgery. Social media users have long theorized that she has had a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or other cosmetic surgeries.

So classic, that ass so fat, it looks natural, it’s not,” SZA croons in the title track of her project. I just got my body done, ain’t got no shame about it / I just heard your opinion, I could’ve done without it, she sings in her song “Conceited.”

The “Shirt” artist defended Kendrick Lamar’s treatment of women in his 2017 hit “Humble” after he received backlash from feminists who were offended by his lyrics. Lamar raps in the song, “I’ve had it with all the Photoshopping. Give me a natural look, like Richard Pryor’s afro. Just give me the real deal, like some ass with a few stretch marks.”

SZA told Glamour that the claim that the song’s lyrics are “loaded with misogyny” is false.

“If he’s advocating for a healthy view of one’s body, how can he be considered a s*xist? That’s so out there that it seems like a stretch to me “As SZA put it back then. She then got more personal, saying, “If you want to support women, you should support all shapes of women.” “In the past, I weighed 200 pounds, and as a result, I have stretch marks all over my body. When Kendrick tells me I look great, it gives me a sense of security and self-confidence that nothing else can. Nothing about that makes me feel s*xist.”

She went on to say, “I don’t attempt to analyze such things because if I focus on who I want to be and what I want to represent for women and what I want to represent for myself, I don’t have time to think about how guys regard me.”

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