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Is Rick Ross Dating Pretty Vee? Who is His Rumored Girlfriend?

Rick Ross Dating

Rick Ross Dating

Do you know who is Rick Ross dating? There have been Rumors that he has been dating someone. Rick Ross’s long-rumored girlfriend, multi-talented media personality Vena “Pretty Vee” Excell, claims to have confirmed the couple’s relationship status.

Vee confirmed her relationship with the Biggest Bawse on REVOLT’s Black Girl Stuff talk show. Images and videos purportedly of the two together have been circulating online for months, fueling speculation that they are an item.

Fans’ concerns about the legitimacy of the union have been allayed. Vee claims that the rapper Ross captivated her with his “boss-like” demeanor and exceptional leadership qualities.

He said, “Baby, don’t ever give up; keep winning.” What a blessing you are.

The Pretty Vee reveal occurs just after the “Real Love” music video with Rick Ross and Anthony Hamilton hit the web. Ross sings a love song in which he describes a woman who has grabbed his eye and his desire to find lasting love.

Beautiful Vee Says She’s Seriously Into Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross is in a committed relationship with actress and comedian Vena “Pretty Vee” Excell. The Wild N’ Out actress acknowledged her relationship with Rozay during an appearance on REVOLT’s Black Girl Stuff.

When asked if she’s dating “the largest boss that we’ve seen thus far,” she said, “Yeah it’s the boss.”

She then went on to say why she respects the God Forgives, I Don’t artist.

The leader in him is showing. Men who can take the lead impress me. To put it another way, you can come to me when you’re a leader. But when it comes down to it, Ross is the kind of guy you look at and just admire, you’re inspired by — like, “I want to do what you’re doing, so teach me.”

We weren’t sure if we should take Vee and Ross’ flirtatious behavior on the red carpet of the 2022 BET Music Awards seriously.

“The devotions you send me every morning, baby they mean so much,” Ross said. “They so powerful, they so positive — it brings so much light and that’s why I want to make it clear before we go any further — your success… this is just the beginning.”

What’s up, y’all? She said, “Hey, Ross, it’s your girl Pretty Vee and check out who’s behind me.” “My bae! ”

As in, “What we are?

she enquired. We’re going to keep them out of our business,” Ross said.

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Who is Rick Ross Dating?

You will read about details of Rick Ross dating Pretty Vee. Boss Talk With Pretty Vee and Rick Ross for Luc Belaire champagne was a great opportunity for them to show off their off-screen friendship. Excell revealed that she regularly provides the Miami rapper with encouraging words via text message.

Rick Ross and Pretty Vee

The devotions you send me every morning mean the world to me,” Ross informed her. Because “they” are so potent and “they” are so optimistic, I feel compelled to say up front that “your success… this is just the beginning.”

Keep on winning and don’t give up, he urged. To me, you’re like a present.

Fans Comments About Rick Ross Dating Pretty Vee

Twitter users are shocked to learn Rick Ross and Pretty Vee are dating. Rap superstar Rick Ross encountered enormous obstacles on his way to the top. The Miami rapper was only expected to have local success. But Rick Ross always put his faith in himself. When everyone else wrote off Rick Ross as a novelty act, he recognized the foundation for a dynasty.

Rick Ross’s exes have included a number of famous women. While in the midst of his 2011 dominance, Rick Ross dated Elise Neal. As time has passed, Rick Ross has dated ladies like Lira Galore. In 2015, Rick Ross and Lira Galore were almost hitched.

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While walking the red carpet at the BET Awards, Rick Ross bumped into Pretty Vee. Ross was quite daring in his pursuit of Pretty Vee since he did much more than simply shoot his shot. For being so possessive, Rick Ross received criticism on social media. On the other hand, Rick Ross and Pretty Vee have been spotted together after the BET Awards. It was reported earlier this year that Rick Ross was dating Pretty Vee, but no one seemed to notice. Fans on Twitter are in disbelief that Rick Ross is dating Pretty Vee.

Twitter users are shocked to learn Rick Ross and Pretty Vee are dating.

Final Lines

Here we talked about information relating to Rick Ross dating Pretty Vee. Many of his fans are happy and many are in shock. Keep following for more updates. Don’t forget to bookmark our site for the latest updates on celebrities’ life.

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