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Who is Bono and How Did he get Fame?

Who is Bono?

Who is Bono?

Do you know Who is Bono? You can read details about him here: Bono who is also known as Paul David is an Irish singer, songwriter, and philanthropist. He got famous for his band named U2. His songs are rare because of social and political themes. With the U2 band, he won 22 Grammy Awards. To know more about Bono’s career, personal life and other details read on. 

How is Bono’s Life Before Fame?

Bono was born as Paul on 10 May 1960, in Dublin to Iris and Brendan Robert “Bo” Hewson. He has an older brother Norman, his mother was a member of the Church of Ireland. And his father belongs to catholic, so their parents decide that their first child will be raised as Anglican and the second as a Catholic.

A fact so late comes to know Bono, is that a personality Scott Rankin is his half-brother, but he thought Scott is his cousin. Bono completed his primary education at Glasnevin National School. He is deeply influenced by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and Marc Bolan of T. Rex. His mother left him at a very short age, so his songs “I Will Follow”, “Mofo”, “Out of Control”, “Lemon” and “Tomorrow”, are dedicated to his mother. 

He said, “because of the way I grew up in Finglas — sleeping on a couch, or because my mother died when I was a kid, I was in the house on my own a lot of the time, so I’d knock on the door of the Hanveys at teatime, or the Rowens at lunchtime.”

His other nicknames are “Steinhegvanhuysenolegbangbangbang”, then just “Huysman”, followed by “Houseman”, “Bon Murray”, “Bono Vox of O’Connell Street”, and finally just “Bono”. Bono’s name is suggested by Guggi. 

Bono’s Career Beginning With U2 Band

In 1976 Bono joined a band named ‘Feedback”, later it changed to “The Hype” with Dik Evans. After Dik left the band its name changed again to “U2” and Bono played guitar in the band he stated about his passion “When we started out I was the guitar player, along with the Edge—except I couldn’t play guitar.

I still can’t. I was such a lousy guitar player that one day they broke it to me that maybe I should sing instead. I had tried before, but I had no voice at all. I remember the day I found I could sing. I said, ‘Oh, that’s how you do it.'” Bono also started to write songs for the U2 band, having some religious meaning such as, “Gloria” from the album October and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” from The Joshua Tree.

U2 Band Singer “I Will Follow”, “Mofo”, “Out of Control”, Do You About Who is Bono?

The Enniskillen bombing is also a subject Bono covers with his sons, because of the political touch in his songs they were attached by IRA. In 1982 he said in a concert in Dublin,  “the end of something for U2”, and that “we have to go away and … dream it all up again”. Bono’s dressing sense also gave him too much popularity. 

Bono worked with several singers in the U2 band including Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash,  Willie Nelson, Luciano Pavarotti,  Sinéad O’Connor, Green Day, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Tina Turner, B.B. King and Zucchero.

Bono as an Activist and philanthropy 

Bono is very kind-hearted, occasionally he helped people with social issues and human rights. He said he became a social activist because of Secret Policeman’s Ball shows.

Bono stated, “I saw The Secret Policeman’s Ball and it became a part of me. It sowed a seed…”.

He worked for a month at a feeding center in Ajibar, Ethiopia with his wife Ali Hewson. In 1999, he became involved among those who raised awareness of the plight. Because of his social work he met several politicians, including President George W. Bush.

Bono advised Bush to alert people against AIDS “never would have made it out of Congress had [Bono] not been engaged”.  In 2021, he gave his voice to an animated series Pandemic, which is based on COVID-19.

Presence in Hollywood

Bono is the writer of the 2000 movie The Million Dollar Hotel, as well as executive producer, starring Jeremy Davies, Milla Jovovich, and Mel Gibson. You can watch her cameo appearance in Across the Universe in 2007, as Dr. Robert and he also sings in it “I Am the Walrus”. The animated musical film Sing 2 is voiced by Bono also in 2021.

Bono’s Achievements as a singer

Bono achieved many awards with his band U2 including 22 Grammy Awards, and two Golden Awards. In 2005 he was selected for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 2003 he received the Legion of Honour from the French Government.

He won Chairmen Awards at the 38th NAACP image awards, in 2006 he is chosen by Glamour as “Man of the Year” and in 2018 he accepted George W. Bush Medal for his leadership. In 2022, Bono achieved J. William Fulbright Prize. 

Do You Know Who is Bono and his Personal Life?

Bono married Alison Hewson, having four children Jordan and Eve, and sons Elijah Bob, Patricius Guggi Q, and John Abraham. Bob Dylan stated about him, “Spending time with Bono was like eating dinner on a train—feels like you’re moving, going somewhere.

Bono’s got the soul of an ancient poet and you have to be careful around him. He can roar ’till the earth shakes. He’s also a closet philosopher…talks about the rightness, the richness, glory, beauty, wonder, and magnificence of America.”

Final Lines: 

Do you know who is Bono? Bono is a well-known guitarist in his band, but a popular singer also. He is down to earth and wants to help people. Here is everything described by Bono that we know. To know more about entertainment news keep an eye on our site

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