When Will the Parent Test Season 1 Be Released on ABC?

The Parent Test Season 1: It seems like everyone has an idea about what makes a good parent. However, can one say that there is a correct approach to parenting? That’s what The Parent Test sets out to determine. The unscripted series which is based on the Australian show Parental Guidance puts 12 families with wildly different parenting styles through a battery of everyday tests to determine which method is most effective. The Parent Test sounds interesting but what can we anticipate from it? When will it be broadcast? Do you have a preview? All of these questions and more will have their answers provided below.

When will The Parent Test Season 1 be Released?

On ABC at 10 pm ET/PT on Thursday, December 15 is the premiere of The Parent Test. Hulu will begin streaming it on demand the following day. This is a special episode of The Parent Test airing while many of ABC’s regular primetime shows are off the air for the summer. This includes Grey’s Anatomy, Alaska Dispatch and Station 19 on Thursdays.

The Parent Test Season 1
The Parent Test Season 1

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Is there any trailer of The Parent Test Season 1?

ABC has in fact released a short trailer for The Parent Test giving viewers a tantalizing taste of what they can expect for themselves and their children. As might be expected it looks to be an intensely moving, meaningful and informative event. Check out the first official trailer for The Parent Test down below.

Who is the cast in The Parent Test Season 1?

Ali Wentworth, a comedian who has appeared in films like Head Case and Seinfeld as well as the aforementioned Jerry Maguire and It’s Complicated, hosts the show The Parent Test. While speaking with Variety Wentworth expressed her desire for The Parent Test to spark a national conversation about how we’re raising kids.

Especially considering how much conventional parenting practices appeared to be abandoned in the wake of the pandemic and replaced with more modern approaches. I think the younger generations are experiencing a real mental health crisis that we haven’t even figured out yet, that we haven’t even collected the data on yet.

The Parent Test Season 1
The Parent Test Season 1

Things like screens and social media where you may have had a rule about it before the pandemic. But then, you wanted your kids to feel connected so you let them stay on screens much longer than you would have otherwise, she said. However, Wentworth won’t have to face the parents on his own. She’ll have help from Dr. Adolph Brown, a master educator and clinical psychologist who is the parenting expert for The Parent Test.

Brown, who is better known by his nickname, Doc Brown insisted to Variety that the film has all the expected drama, but also heart and humor. Every parent wanted to know what was the best style of parenting, even though they were pretty much advocating for their own. Joked Brown, describing the atmosphere on set. They had an open mind and an open heart for hearing out other points of view.

How to Watch the Parent Test Season 1?

As a matter of fact, ABC airs The Parent Test. You can catch the show on your local ABC affiliate if you have a standard pay-TV cable package. This show is also available on FuboTV, Hulu, Live TV and YouTube TV.

The Parent Test Season 1
The Parent Test Season 1

What is the premise for the Parent Test season 1?

To put it plainly, 12 parents welcomed cameras into their homes for The Parent Test in order to document how they cared for their children. Every one of these households exhibits a different approach to parenting. The helicopter, New Age, Intensive, Child-Led, Free-Range, Strict, Negotiation and High Achievement are all methods that can be used.

Then, they were given a series of hypothetical situations to practice in. These were selected to be the ultimate test of their parenting skills and to spark debate about the merits of various approaches to raising children. The host and expert on The Parent Test then have the group of 12 parents discuss their experiences in light of the tests they took earlier. But who exactly is in charge of The Parent Test?

The Parent Test Season 1
The Parent Test Season 1

The Parent Test adapted from a popular Australian TV show will investigate the wide variety of approaches to parenting that exist. Twelve families, representing a wide range of approaches to parenting from helicopter to child-led will undergo a rigorous examination and discussion of emotional hot-button issues in order to compare and contrast their respective approaches.

Each family is put through a series of challenges designed to spark in-depth discussions about the way each unit functions. These passionate discussions are moderated by host Ali Wentworth and parenting expert Dr. Adolph Brown and feature parents who may have different perspectives on how to best bring up their kids but who all share a commitment to doing what’s best for them.

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