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When Was the Chase Season 3 Released and Where You Can Watch It Now?

The Chase Season 3

The Chase Season 3

The Chase Season 3 is a popular British game show that has been converted into an American version for television. Premiering on the Game Show Network on August 6th, 2013. Hosted by Brooke Burns with Mark Labbett playing the role of “chaser” this show aired in 2013.

On January 7, 2021, ABC aired the first episode of a new season of the show. Sara Haines hosts this game show which debuted as a Jeopardy! variant with contestant chasers. Winners Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer a former participant on the GSN version. In June of 2021, Labbett came back to the team as a chaser, he and Jennings both retired the following year. We now have Buzzy Cohen, Brandon Blackwell and Victoria Groce in their stead.

The Chase Season 3

Like its British counterpart, the American adaptation of the show has a standard structure. It’s like the four-person team version but with only three people per team. The players compete in a quiz show in the hopes of beating the chaser, a trivia expert. The Cash Builder is an individual chase in which contestants compete individually to earn money for their team’s prize pool by correctly answering as many questions as possible in 60 seconds.

The player must then answer questions correctly to maintain a lead over the chaser in a head-to-head competition scored on a game board. If they lose, the chaser keeps their money and they are eliminated. Successful participants in each individual chase move on to the Final Chase, where they answer questions as a team and compete for an equal share of the episode’s prize budget.

When was the Chase Season 3 Premiered?

It has been announced that Season 3 of The Chase premiered on May 3, 2022. Season 3 of The Chase airs on ABC in the United States. You can watch ABC on your regular TV, or with a live TV streaming service like Hulu, Live TV, fuboTV, or YouTube.

The Chase Season 3

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What is the “Chase” about?

The American adaptation of the show is based on the same basic structure as the UK version but has three-person teams instead of four. The players compete in a quiz show against one other in the hopes of beating the “chaser”. A renowned expert in the field of study being tested. The Cash Builder is an individual chase in which contestants compete individually to earn money for their team’s prize pool by correctly answering as many questions as possible in 60 seconds.

If the player does not answer enough questions to maintain a lead over the chaser on the gameboard, they will forfeit their current round’s bonus. Successful participants in each individual chase move on to the Final Chase, where they answer questions as a team and compete for an equal share of the episode’s prize budget.

The Chase Season 3

Chasers are professional quizzers whose goal is to prevent competitors from winning a monetary reward by stumping them with difficult questions. The quiz show that sets pulses racing is back on ABC and this time it features three contestants pitting their wits against the Chaser, a merciless quiz genius out to prevent them from earning cash prizes.

In each episode’s hour-long mental showdown, contestants face 166 questions on every topic imaginable and are pushed to think faster than they ever have before. ITV Entertainment, a division of ITV America is responsible for producing “The Chase” which is based on the successful British model created by Potato also a division of ITV Studios. The show’s executive producers are Adam Sher, David Eilenberg, Bernie Schaeffer and Vin Rubino.

Who is the Cast in The Chase Season 3?

Three contestants compete in a rapid-fire game show against the Chaser, a cruel quiz whiz who will stop at nothing to prevent the contestants from winning cash rewards by any means necessary. Contestants in each episode are given the impossible task of answering 166 questions quickly covering a wide range of subjects. Chaser duties are shared among trivia experts Victoria Groce, Brandon Blackwell, Buzzy Cohen, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer.

Buzzy Cohen:

In 2016, Cohen first shocked the nation with a modest 10-game run on Jeopardy, where his vast erudition and dry wit left a lasting imprint. He triumphed on Jeopardy! in 2017. Brave wagers and a lighthearted spirit with presenter Alex Trebek and the other competitors on NBC’s Tournament of Champions. His victory on Jeopardy! was included in the show’s 35th-anniversary book.

Buzzy Cohen

Cohen came back in 2019 as a captain for Season 35’s “All-Star Games” where he was alongside future Chasers Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Cohen will serve as a Jeopardy! guest host in 2021. For what it’s worth, many people have him pegged as the likely next host of the Tournament of Champions.

Victoria Groce:

Groce was in numerous academic competitions throughout his childhood in Georgia such as academic bowl, Mathcounts and Odyssey of the Mind. In 2005, she was a contestant on Jeopardy! and she broke David Madden’s winning streak at 19 games.

Groce has been actively participating in the global quizzing community since the middle of this decade. She is one of just two people in the previous three years to place in the top ten at the LearnedLeague Championship and she is one of only three Americans to ever place in the top three at the World Quizzing Championships finishing in third place in 2020.

Victoria Groce

Due to her dominating performance in individual and team quiz leagues across three continents she was named World Quizzer of the Year at the 2021 World Quiz Awards and was a member of the winning American team at the 2021-22 Quizzing World Cup which is not the Quidditch World Cup, I keep reminding myself as I type that sentence.

Brandon Blackwell:

Blackwell like many future quiz masters spent his childhood in Queens, where he avidly watched game shows. He had already won almost $400,000 from three separate quiz programs by the time he was 20. This included $43,000 from a 2012 appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? after appearing on Million Second Quiz in 2012, I won a spot in the audience and several thousand bucks.

Blackwell first competed on the American circuit in 2014 and in 2016 made his international debut at the Quiz Olympiad in Athens, where he won two medals including one in the world speed quizzing discipline. Blackwell departed the American trivia scene in 2017 to hone his skills in the United Kingdom, where he competed for some of the best trivia clubs in the world.

Brandon Blackwell

He has finished as high as fourth twice in the pairs division of the British Quizzing Championship and he has won many London Open medals and the President’s Cup from the Quiz League of London. A veteran of the British quiz program University Challenge which some consider to be even more difficult than the American version of Jeep. He is also one of the highest-scoring players in the show’s history the challenge of it.

Blackwell dubbed “The Lightning Bolt” continues to compete at a high level in international quiz contests and he presently plays for one of the top quiz teams in the world on which colleague Chaser Victoria Groce shines.

Brad Rutter:

Rutter was one of the first Chasers on Jeopardy! revival on ABC and a lifelong fan of the show at home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his parents nightly. What a Jeopardy! during his time as a student at Johns Hopkins University and left with $55,102 and two Chevrolet Camaros after a five-game run.

Brad Rutter

He qualified for Jeopardy! after winning the five-day championship to his list of accomplishments as he also won the 2001 Tournament of Champions. Later, Rutter won the Million Dollar Masters Tournament in 2002, the Ultimate Tournament of Champions in 2005, the Battle of the Decades Tournament in 2014 and Jeopardy! Tournaments for the best players in a league. He also took part in ABC’s popular Jeopardy! In 2020, the Greatest of All Time primetime tournament will air.

Who is the host of The Chase Season 3?

The Chase Season 3

On ABC Sara Haines hosted The Chase, Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings who now co-hosts that drivetime quizzer and Mark “The Beast” Labbett who has since Joined GSN’s Master Minds has stepped down as Chasers, paving the way for the addition of Victoria Groce speed-quiz titan Brandon Blackwell and Jeopardy! vet Buzzy Cohen. That shiny new trio will join returning Chasers Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer.

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