Why is Paper Girls Season 2 Canceled by Prime Video?

What do you think is Paper Girls Season 2 Canceled or not? Read out the details below: Paper Girls could have been Prime Video’s answer to Netflix’s Stranger Things, at least in principle A teen-focused, retro-tinged, grim science fiction drama with an established fanbase thanks to the original graphic novel by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang.

The story of a bunch of 1980s teenagers who find themselves in the faraway world of pre-pandemic 2019 had grit, there was an LGBTQ+ love story that people could get behind, and there was a wild batch of shocks. Do you recall that time? Happy moments.

Sadly, the streaming platform’s enthusiasm for the introduction of something new and interesting wasn’t enough, and in September 2022, it was reported that production on season two would be halted before it even began.

What will happen in Paper Girls Season 2?

Fans of the genre were dealt a blow when they learned that Paper Girls had been canceled despite widespread critical acclaim for the show. The show required big ratings in the stronger territories to stay afloat, but for some reason, viewers there weren’t buying what the show was offering.

According to data aggregator FlixPatrol, it ranked among the top 10 most-watched shows on Prime in Spain for 32 days, Italy for 31 days, and France for 30 days. However, only in those three nations did it last more than a month.

Considering that Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 was released on July 1, four weeks before Paper Girls, it’s likely that this was a factor in the show’s lack of success. It was a chance with either outcome. Fans of the megahit series may have been looking for something to fill the void left by Hawkins, Indiana, and Paper Girls’ arrival couldn’t have been better timed to do just that.

Paper Girls Season 2
Paper Girls Season 2

However, it appears to have worked in reverse, as viewers were too busy analyzing the program, lamenting specific deaths (and theorizing about whether it will stick or not), and thirsting over Vecna on TikTok (we don’t judge here) to become comfortable with the new season.

It would appear that when Prime Video fans became engrossed in the more action-oriented series The Terminal List starring Chris Pratt, Paper Girls fell farther and further down there “to watch” lists until it was eventually completely forgotten.

As a result, Paper Girls was unable to crack the top 10 in the UK for more than a single day and was unable to chart at all in the US according to the Nielsen ratings. The writing appeared to be on the wall after the first month, given that streaming services rely so heavily on watch time and whether or not it covers the expense of generating it.

Is Paper Girls Season 2 Canceled or Renewed?

The Paper Girls cast and crew assured us that they were already plotting season two while they waited for the renewal. Showrunner Chris C. Rogers outlined the premise of the program to Digital Spy and other journalists at San Diego Comic-Con, saying, “This tale is really about four females who don’t know each other. They meet and become friends or foes, or frenemies, over the course of these eight episodes.”

Paper Girls Season 1
Paper Girls Season 1

The f**king dinosaur shows up at the end of the series because “we also wanted this to kind of go from the small to the large,” the creators explain. As we leave these mundane settings, we send a message that the event is about to expand in scale and become more spectacular: “We’re headed to the cathedral.”

The cancellation of Paper Girls was disappointing, but a recent report from Deadline indicates that the show may be saved by finding a new home. We won’t be able to tell you whether or not this works out in advance like our girls can, but rest assured that we’ll keep you posted either way. For the time being, it seems hopeless to think that the show will ever move on from its retro roots. Amazon Prime members may now watch Paper Girls.

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