The Miami Housewives Season 5 Cast, Trailer and What will happen next in it?

After last year’s successful reboot, Peacock has decided to bring back The Miami Housewives Season 5 and the drama has just begun. During BravoCon on October 16, the network released a super tease for Season 5 of the show, promising that Lisa and Lenny Hochstein’s divorce would be a major plot point. After nearly 13 years of marriage, Lenny and Katharina Mazepa split in May after Lenny’s announcement of his engagement to another woman.

Lisa apparently didn’t mind talking about the breakup on camera, but she’s still not eager to see the footage. I fear it because I was unprepared and a complete wreck. She told Us exclusively at BravoCon on October 14: Like, I couldn’t control my emotions. People who watch the show will realize that I was merely… I was acting strangely. That’s right, nobody knew who I was. I couldn’t place myself.

However, not everyone shares this lighthearted outlook in the following scene, Guerdy Abraira advises Larsa Pippen on how to be a good friend to her friends. The event stylist suggests that the attendees learn how to put each other up on pillars as a team-building exercise. They sink and you rise. Do you understand what I’m getting at? Then the ex-Kardashian simply says, “No.”

The Miami Housewives Season 5
The Miami Housewives Season 5

What is the premiere date of Real Housewives of Miami?

On Peacock Thursday, December 8, the first four episodes of Real Housewives Of Miami Season 5 will premiere. New episodes will air every Thursday thereafter. New episodes drop every Thursday after the first four air on the premiere day.

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Will Lisa Talk about her Divorce in Real Housewives of Miami?

For me, this has been an especially challenging problem. Lisa said during the BravoCon panel, When I signed up for the show, I wanted to show my life in response to a question about how the end of her relationship with Lenny has affected her. I was looking forward to this season, but then all of these terrible things started happening to me.

The Miami Housewives Season 5
The Miami Housewives Season 5

The Canadian native is also very forthright in the preview. At one point, she has a heated conversation on the phone with someone, apparently, Lenny in which she threatens, You bring that girl anywhere near my f-king kids, there’s going to be a huge f-king problem. Am I making sense to you?

What will happen next in Real Housewives Season 5?

Julia may have to address claims that she cheated on her wife Martina Navratilova with a man as this teaser suggests for a split second. The tennis great asked her partner, When is this going to stop? Julia, it’s over. Julia however, claimed at BravoCon that Martina approves of her extremely close friendship with Adriana despite the potential for conflict. According to Julia, the fact that she has a friend who has her back makes her happy. Simply put, Adriana is a member of my life and my family.

The cast also hinted at a potential fight between anesthesiologist Nicole and BravoCon speaker Larsa who claimed that Nicole has never invited her to any of her events. They were all flown in here on her private jet, except for me. Can we really be friends if you keep me out of your plans? During the RHOM discussion, Larsa posed the question.

Nicole claimed she was merely being considerate of Larsa and Marysol’s anxiety about taking private planes. Nicole reflected You said my plane was too small. Since Larsa and Marysol have previously mentioned to me that they aren’t big fans of small planes, I decided to invite everyone else in the office with the exception of the two of them.

Who is in the cast of Real Housewives Season 5?

Cast members Guerdy Abraira, Lisa Hochstein, Julia Lemigova, Dr. Nicole Martin, Alexia Nepola and Larsa Pippen are all expected to return for Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Miami. The show will also feature friends of the Housewives including Kiki Barth, Adriana de Moura and Marysol Patton.

Cast of The Miami Housewives Season 5
Cast of The Miami Housewives Season 5

Abraira Guerdy

While Abraira will do anything to maintain her reputation as Miami’s go-to wedding planner, her husband may have trouble convincing her to take a step back and address her issues with Nepola.

Lisa Hochstein

Pippen and Hochstein are trying to repair their friendship, but things go south when Pippen brings up the money issues between Hochstein and her ex-husband, Lenny. While this is happening, rumors start spreading that Lenny is seeing someone else completely turning Hochstein’s world upside down.

Julia Lemigova

Lemigova has a hard time accepting the fact that her daughters have moved out and are attending university. As she and her wife, Martina Navratilova, face new challenges in their marriage, she works to deepen their connection with each other.

Nicole Martin, M.D.

While Martin is thrilled about her recent engagement to her long-term partner Anthony Lopez, she is also confronted with the challenge of mending fences with her father.

Nepola, Alexia

Even though Nepola formerly Echevarria and her new husband Todd are excited to celebrate their nuptials with loved ones in Miami, she still has to prioritize her relationship with her sons, Peter and Frankie.

L. Pippen Larsen

Pippen just finalized her divorce from ex-husband Scottie Pippen and is eager to start a new life there. Pippen will be seen engaging in some light online dating activity and concentrating on her new business endeavors.

Kiki Barth

As the two single women explore the nightlife of Miami, Barth and Pippen unexpectedly become fast friends.

De Moura Adriana

De Moura is willing to give love another try and he also wants to mend fences with his old friend Pippen. A music video for the star’s new song will also be shot, but will she be able to enlist her co-stars as backup dancers?

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Where to Watch The Real Housewives Season 5?

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The Miami Housewives Season 5
The Miami Housewives Season 5

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Watch the Trailer for Real Housewives Season 

In November, a teaser for Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Miami was released. The clip gives viewers a taste of the upcoming drama, which includes the Hochsteins’ breakup.

This teaser also provided fans with a glimpse of the cast’s season 5 girls’ trip to the all-inclusive Baha Mar resort in The Bahamas. Kiki Barth, apparently thinking she is pranking one of her co-stars is seen knocking on a door and saying, “Police.” She quickly realizes her error and she bolts away while laughingly exclaiming, “Wrong door!”

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How to Watch “The Real Housewives of Miami” Season 5 online in Canada?

Peacock is not currently available in Canada. The Real Housewives of Miami, however, is not available on Slice like its fellow Real Housewives franchises. If you’re a Canadian resident with a Peacock subscription but you can’t log in, ExpressVPN can help.

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