Why did Bella Poarch and Tyler Poarch File Divorce after 4 years of Marriage?

Bella Poarch, a popular TikTok star has spoken out about her recent divorce from her husband Tyler Poarch. On Tuesday, Bella posted to Instagram and told fans that she would talk about her split from Tyler when she was ready to speak about it. Following the announcement of the breakup, she announced that she would be withdrawing from social media for a while. Many of Bella’s fans didn’t find out she was married to Tyler until news of their divorce became public, so she apologized for keeping the fact a secret.

When I feel ready, I will discuss my divorce. For the time being, I ask that you spare my and Tyler’s identities. The 25-year-old internet celebrity continued, “My team will be taking over my socials and will be posting certain obligations that need to be fulfilled.” I’m going to disconnect from the Internet for a while. I appreciate it, Bella.

Documents obtained reveal that Bella, the whose given name is Denarie filed for divorce from Tyler with whom she had been married for nearly four years in Los Angeles County earlier this month. The TikTok star broke up with her boyfriend because of their irreconcilable differences.

In April 2020, Bella uploaded her first TikTok and she quickly became famous after making the most-liked video in the app’s history. She has released a number of songs since becoming famous on social media including “Dolls” and “Build a B**ch,” both of which can be found on her Dolls EP.

Why does Bella Poarch want a social media break after filing for divorce?

After divorcing her husband of nearly four years last week, TikTok star Bella Poarch has announced she will be taking a social media break. The 25-year-old influencer, who is best known for her viral pop song “Build a Bi*ch” and for posting the most-liked video on TikTok has apologized for keeping the relationship a secret in a statement she posted on Instagram today.

Poarch apologized if the implication of secrecy was misread in the post. If/when I’m emotionally prepared to discuss my divorce, I will do so. She continued, “In the meantime, I ask that you respect my privacy and that of Tyler.” “A break from social media was also mentioned in the singer’s announcement. A member of her team will be taking over my socials and posting certain obligations that need to be fulfilled”, she wrote.

Grimes, who has worked with Poarch on several occasions was among the celebrities and influencers who commented their approval on the video, writing simply. People have learned that Poarch whose given name is Denarie married a man named Tyler Poarch on January 20, 2019.

A full year before she made her first appearance on the app that would become her calling card. The singer and social media influencer from Los Angeles filed for divorce on November 2. They had been married for almost four years. According to documents obtained by People, Poarch gave the generic irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup. She added that the couple did not have any children together and that Poarch did not want to receive or pay spousal support.

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The TikTok star’s personal life was rarely discussed on camera. The June 2017 appearance on the H3 Podcast was one of the rare others. The singer stated in the episode that she hasn’t been in a relationship in a year which may indicate that she and Tyler split in 2020, two years before she filed for divorce. Host Ethan Klein of H3 said You’re an eligible bachelorette now. Poarch didn’t say yes or no when asked if that was the case.

Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch

US veteran Poarch disclosed to Klein that she has been dumped by two exes one of whom left her because she left the Navy. A lot of people reacted like, Oh! you’re leaving the military? The TikTok star said I guess we can’t be together, adding there are a lot of guys in my direct messages.

When did Bella Poarch and Tyler Poarch get Married?

Bella Poarch, a popular TikTok star has 92 million followers and it may seem as though her entire life is on display for them. However, the fact that she is married was her best-kept secret until now. According to the TikTok star, irreconcilable differences are to blame for the breakup. It’s interesting that Bella hasn’t posted any photos or videos of her and her fiance on her TikTok or Instagram pages and there don’t appear to be any pictures of her wearing a wedding ring, either.

Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch

The divorce papers claim that she and Tyler wed in January of this year. Furthermore, she appeared to be in high spirits two days prior to the wedding as evidenced by an Instagram photo of her posing for a mirror flick. It’s possible that she previously posted photos of Tyler but has since deleted them. If so, she did a fantastic job because she apparently left no traces of her impending ex.

They did not have any children together so she has no interest in receiving spousal support from either of them. In April 2020, Bella made her first TikTok upload. The video she made became the most popular one on the platform catapulting her to fame. Also, fans need not worry she has no plans to legally change her name to something other than Tyler’s.

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