Who is Rj in the Walking Dead and Which actor playing this role in this Series?

The comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard the same name is the basis for the American post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead. There is a large ensemble cast in the show who play survivors of a zombie apocalypse who are constantly at risk of being attacked by zombies called “walkers” among other nicknames.

Since modern society has crumbled the survivors must deal with other humans who have also managed to survive by forming communities of their own each with their own laws and morals which can sometimes lead to open hostility.

Who is Rj in the Walking Dead?

In the Walking Dead Michonne (Danai Gurira) has a new son named R.J. and showrunner Angela Kang confirmed that the young man is the seed of Rick’s loins explaining that the plot point was alluded to back in Season 9, episode 3. While last week’s episode of The Walking Dead raised a number of questions, the biggest and most shocking revelation was that Michonne has a new son.

Although the showrunner’s words must be taken as gospel, not all Walking Dead fans are convinced with the main argument being that R.J. seems too young to be Rick’s son. Rick Jr. should be over the age of five at this point if it has been six years since Jadis kidnapped him in a slave trade. However, he seems to be just barely verbal.

Who is Rj in the Walking Dead?
Who is Rj in the Walking Dead?

Antony Azor plays R.J. on the show and while his age isn’t generally known. He’s described as a toddler American actor on The Walking Dead Wiki. A toddler is a child aged 12 to 36 months. But why is this happening? Is this a case of continuity taking a back seat to storytelling or something else? When Rick (Andrew Lincoln) vanished and was thought to be dead.

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The Walking Dead will air its final two episodes of the year before going dormant for the winter break. Maybe we’ll find out how R.J. was conceived, maybe we won’t. Fans of The Walking Dead will be watching the baby with a mix of tenderness and suspicion that much is certain.

When Were Judith and Rj rescued in Walking dead?

It’s safe to assume that Hershel was in Faith when Judith and RJ were rescued. Maggie and Carol went undercover in Alexandria in search of the kids, but they only found Hershel being questioned by a security officer. Later, Rosita inquired about her baby daughter Coco, but he remained evasive. Due to the episode’s cliffhanger ending with only Hershel safe viewers may be under the impression that the next two episodes will focus on a rescue mission for the remaining children.

Walking Dead
Walking Dead

However, that’s only half the story. The only child who has gone missing is Coco, though, given the show’s narrative vacillations, there may be others. Sure enough, the pilot episode of “Family” opens with Carol and Daryl smiling broadly and Judith and RJ grinning broadly as well. Gracie, the youngest member of her new family can rest easy.

That arc has been resolved, clearing the way for the show to move on to the next phase of its quest to defeat Pamela Milton and the Commonwealth. But The Walking Dead never takes the time for Judith or RJ to address when they were found by Daryl’s group or has them reflect on being kidnapped in the first place.

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