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Summer Job Season 1: When it will air on Netflix?

Summer Job Season 1

Summer Job Season 1

First, ever Italian reality shows to air on Netflix worldwide. Matilde Gioli, fresh off the success of her work on fiction sets like DOC – Nelle Tue Mani makes her presenting debut in Summer Job, produced by Banijay Italia.

What is the Release Date of Summer Job Season 1?

Summer Job season 1 is going to release on December 16, 2022, on Netflix.

What will happen in Summer Job Season 1?

There are ten winners from the millennial generation and each of them will get to go on their ideal vacation. But in order to stay in a luxury villa and possibly win €100,000, they must hold down regular jobs. Ten winners all between the ages of 18 and 23 will be flown to the Riviera Maya in Mexico to stay in a luxury villa fit for a king or queen.

All they’ll have to worry about is having a good time, it seems. However, they have no idea that in order to keep on with the adventure and have the most incredible vacation of their lives. They will have to do something they have never done before work.

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After the first day, during which they will be able to indulge in all the luxuries at their disposal they will realise that nothing comes for free and that the price of experiencing their exotic dream adventure is first-hand employment. To make ends meet each week, they’ll have to put in some time at establishments along the Riviera where they’ll be subjected to the scrutiny of some harshly critical managers.

Summer Job Season 1

Who Will be the Contestants in Summer Job Season 1?

They will split up into groups of two or three and try their hands at a new summer job each week waiters, animal shelter volunteers maintenance workers, gardeners, etc. Those who don’t put in the effort required to complete their tasks will not be paid on Fridays and may be let go altogether if their employers find out.

Matilde Gioli will be there to help them navigate the ups and downs of making new friends, crying, laughing, falling in love, being misunderstood, facing new challenges and being weeded out. Angelo Poli directed the 8-episode reality show which was written by Sonia Soldera, Giovanni Piccione, Marco Cappellini, Marco Matteo, Gabriella Nocera, Alessandro Tassone and Stefano Martinelli. The show’s project manager was Romina Ronchi.

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